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Chapters 1-3

• In Chapter 1,13-year-old Capricorn Anderson is arrested for driving a vehicle without a license.

• As he watches is grandmother Rain get placed onto a stretcher, he barely notices as the police officer places handcuffs on his wrists.

• Cap tells the police officer that his grandmother fell out of a plum tree.

• Since they live alone on a farm commune called Garland Farm, there was no one else to drive Rain to the hospital.

• Cap tells the police officer that his grandmother taught him to drive when he was eight.

• The police officer asks Cap why he did not call 911, and Cap said they do not have a phone.

• After asking Cap his name, the police officer unlocks the handcuffs and lets Cap go.

• Rain screams at the hospital staff when they tell her it will take eight weeks for her to recover.

• Cap is surprised to...

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