Objects & Places from Schismatrix Plus

Bruce Sterling
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Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Ziabatsu

This ideologically decriminalized region has few civil rights beyond the right to request death at any time.


There are ten circumlunar worlds that make this with each identifiable by its own particular smell.

Shaper Ring Council

Orbiting Saturn, it is one of the societies formed by refugees from planets that have soured.


A cartel of the Asteroid Belt, this is populated by refugees from planets that have soured.

Nephrine Black Medicals

These are criminal biochemists with underground labs scattered throughout the System.

Kabuki Intrasolar

This is the theatrical venture of which Lindsay claims to be part, arranging a production for which he is recruiting a cast.


This is a form of double suicide offered by the Geisha for those who prefer not to die alone.

Kabuki Bubble

This is a geodesic dome built to air the play created by Ryumin...

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