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Bruce Sterling
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Part One: Sundog Zones: Chapter One

• Lindsay is shipped into exile in a cheap Mechanist drogue after being indicted.

• He smiles into the camera and answers all the questions, confirming that he is seeking political asylum and has nothing biologically active, nor is carrying any explosives or software attack devices.

• The right to death is explained to Lindsay and that it is invoked merely by requesting it out loud.

• Lindsay dons a pair of coveralls and uses the credit card he was given to activate an old electric aircraft with fabric wings.

• Lindsay flies close to the sterilized zone that is forbidden to sundogs like him and watches the weapons bunkers track him.

• To the north, sundogs had stripped portions of the industrial sector and used it to create crude, but airtight domes ranging from small to encompassing half a hemisphere.

• Calling upon his own Shaper training, Lindsay...

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