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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much does Helen Hirsch pay Schindler to rescue her sister?
(a) 4,000 zloty.
(b) 3,000 zloty.
(c) 2,000 zloty.
(d) 1,000 zloty.

2. What restaurant did the ZOB bomb?
(a) The Bohemia.
(b) The Polska.
(c) The Cyganeria.
(d) The Warszawa.

3. What does the SS force former jeweler Mordecai Wulkan to do?
(a) Create new Nazi jewelry from melted-down Jewish jewelry.
(b) Sell gold and silver on the black market.
(c) Remove the diamonds from Jewish rings.
(d) Separate and grade the valuables from dead Jews.

4. What does Jereth point out to Schindler regarding the "wasteland" behind Jereth's factory?
(a) That these days, bribing the SS is the most efficient way to do business.
(b) That with enough paperwork, you can "alienate" some of your product.
(c) The typical route of the Oberfuhrer through the alley between their two factories.
(d) The increase in movement of Jews through Cracow.

5. What happens to Oskar Schindler at the end of 1941?
(a) He buys a second factory.
(b) He is arrested for the first time.
(c) His wife, Emilie, files for divorce.
(d) His mistress, Ingrid, leaves him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color does the little girl who is brought to the Dresners prefer?

2. In Chapter 10, Keneally states that the SS was becoming more powerful because they were becoming:

3. When the Gestapo officers arrived at his factory, what did Schindler give to Klonowska?

4. After Oskar's birthday party in 1942, what happens?

5. What happened to the Jews at prayer in the Stara Boznica synagogue when the Einsatzgruppe squad arrived?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 26, Keneally states, "but he (Raimund Titsch) was never the sort of man concerning whom mythologies arose. Oskar was." What does Keanally mean by that?

2. Describe how the dinner party contrasts with the season Keneally describes in the book's Prologue.

3. In the Prologue, Keneally describes "a prison road paved with Jewish gravestones." Discuss the symbolism of this image.

4. Of Schindler's first arrest, Keneally writes "he would have enjoyed a radio." What does that tell you about Schindler?

5. Write a short description of what you think an Aktion would have looked like to a Jew in Cracow in 1940.

6. Chapter 23 tells the story of Regina Perlman, a Jew living under forged South American papers. She goes to Schindler to beg for the transfer of her parents to Emalia. What were the risks on both sides of this transaction?

7. Oskar promises Edith Liebgold she'll live through the war if she works at DEF. What have you read to this point in the book to indicate Schindler intended on keeping this promise?

8. In the midst of a concentration camp, Josef Bau meets, falls in love with, and decides to marry Rebecca Tannenbaum. Based on what you know from the book to this point, why do you think Josef did this, when either of their lives could end at any moment?

9. When Oskar is trying to leave Brinnlitz, his car won't start. What was the cause?

10. Of the approximately 10,000 men who began the march from Auschwitz toward Gross-Rosen, about how many actually arrived, and what happened to those who didn't?

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