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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jereth point out to Schindler regarding the "wasteland" behind Jereth's factory?
(a) That these days, bribing the SS is the most efficient way to do business.
(b) That with enough paperwork, you can "alienate" some of your product.
(c) The typical route of the Oberfuhrer through the alley between their two factories.
(d) The increase in movement of Jews through Cracow.

2. In Chapter 11, where was Schindler taken?
(a) To the Jewish ghetto.
(b) To his house.
(c) The SS complex in Cracow.
(d) Montelupich prison.

3. To what type of venue did Oskar Schindler invite a group of men around Christmas of 1939?
(a) A high-class dinner club.
(b) A country club.
(c) A jazz club.
(d) A men's club.

4. While the Prologue's dinner party is going on downstairs, what is happening upstairs?
(a) Pfefferberg and Lisiek are scrubbing Goeth's bathtub.
(b) A listening device is being placed in Goeth's room.
(c) Two prisoners are sneaking in a prostitute for Goeth.
(d) An after-dinner surprise is being set up for Goeth.

5. When speaking with Oskar in Chapter 12, Philip finds some graffiti on the wall written in Polish. Philip translates it. What did it say?
(a) "Please, get me out of here!"
(b) "My God, how they beat me!"
(c) "The Nazis will never win."
(d) "Wilfred Gosch was here."

6. What does Schindler tell Helen Hirsch before he leaves?
(a) "Watch your back."
(b) "Be careful."
(c) "You're welcome."
(d) "Keep your health."

7. How much does Oskar use to bribe the SS man to buy him a bottle of vodka in Chapter 11?
(a) 40 zloty.
(b) 75 zloty.
(c) 50 zloty.
(d) 60 zloty.

8. In Chapter Three, what does Keneally say will eventually happen to the Pfefferbergs?
(a) They would escape to Germany.
(b) They would have to flee to Switzerland.
(c) They would be taken to a concentration camp.
(d) They would be ordered out of their apartment and their valuables taken.

9. What was the Christmas gift that Schindler bought for his secretary Klonowska in Chapter 8?
(a) A weiner dog.
(b) A poodle.
(c) A lovebird.
(d) A Persian cat.

10. Bachner saw bunkers in Belzec labeled. . .
(a) Baths and Inhalation Rooms.
(b) Men and Women.
(c) Singles and Families.
(d) Showers and Dressing Rooms.

11. What was the name of Schindler's beautiful Polish secretary?
(a) Lena Hirsch.
(b) Victoria Klonowska.
(c) Anika Biberstein.
(d) Veronika Shastain.

12. How much did Oskar send his father in a monthly bank draft?
(a) 1,850 RM.
(b) 1,000 RM.
(c) 500 RM.
(d) 2,000 RM.

13. The Judenrat was what?
(a) The Jewish Council.
(b) The Jewish Police Force.
(c) The Jewish Religious Society.
(d) The Jewish Government.

14. What does Vernichtungslager mean?
(a) Work camp.
(b) Hidden refuge.
(c) Extermination camp.
(d) Travel to the border.

15. In Chapter 13, where is violinist Henry Rosner working?
(a) As second violinist with the Cracow Symphony Orchestra.
(b) At a mess hall on the Luftwaffe airbase.
(c) In Schindler's Emalia plant.
(d) In Madritsch's plant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the Poles believe would be a good place to send the Jews?

2. According to Keneally, Hitler switched from shooting Jews to gassing them after what event?

3. Poldek Pfefferberg changes his profession from schoolteacher to what, in order to begin working for Schindler?

4. How does Leopold Pfefferberg escape his imprisonment in the Cracow train station?

5. In the Prologue, what does Bosch ask Schindler for, to benefit one of Bosch's relatives?

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