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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Schindler refer to Goeth in Chapter 20?
(a) As a power-hungry madman.
(b) As an executioner.
(c) As a cunning planner.
(d) As a lunatic.

2. Amon Goeth attempts to convince Schindler and Madritch to do what?
(a) Provide better working conditions for the Jews.
(b) Move their factories inside Plaszow labor camp.
(c) Quit hiring Jews and send them all to Plaszow.
(d) Let SS officers become supervisors at the plants.

3. What is the name of Schindler's wife?
(a) Eugenia.
(b) Eileen.
(c) Emilie.
(d) Ekaterina.

4. How does Leopold Pfefferberg escape his imprisonment in the Cracow train station?
(a) By taking the guard's gun and threatening him with it.
(b) By bribing the guard at the door with 1,000 zloty.
(c) By showing an official-looking document to a soldier who couldn't read German.
(d) By forging a pass from Hitler himself.

5. In Chapter 10, Schindler becomes familiar with someone because of his daily drives past the ghetto area. Who was that person?
(a) Natalya Pomorska.
(b) Artur Rosenzweig.
(c) Symche Spira.
(d) Artur Rosenburg.

6. What percentage does Schindler say he'll take as courier for the resistance?
(a) Twelve percent.
(b) Zero.
(c) Five percent.
(d) Ten percent.

7. In Chapter One, Oskar Schindler meets Eberhard Gebauer, who offers Schindler the opportunity to join the. . .
(a) Untermensch police agency.
(b) Abwehr intelligence.
(c) Hakenkreuz security.
(d) Treuhänder committee.

8. With the assistance of Stern, Schindler obtains:
(a) Documents that will protect him from Hitler.
(b) Black-market connections for his products.
(c) Loans to start up his business interests.
(d) Enamelware to get production started.

9. In Chapter Two, Oskar Schindler meets a Jewish accountant named. . .
(a) Ingrid Sudenten.
(b) Sepp Aue.
(c) Itzhak Stern.
(d) Mina Goring.

10. Who is the oldest person at the dinner party described in the Prologue?
(a) Oskar Schindler.
(b) Amon Goeth.
(c) Raimund Titsch.
(d) Franz Bosch.

11. In the Prologue, what does Goeth refer to Schindler as?
(a) "Our industrialist."
(b) "Our manufacturer."
(c) "Our corporate giant."
(d) "Our rescuer."

12. After Diana Reiter points out flaws in some building foundations, what are Amon Goeth's orders?
(a) Put her in the faulty building.
(b) Shoot her.
(c) Put her in solitary confinement.
(d) Fix the foundations.

13. Oskar Schindler dreamed of growing up to become. . .
(a) A Formula One mechanic.
(b) A stunt pilot.
(c) A motorcycle racer.
(d) A racecar driver.

14. Lisiek was shot dead by Goeth for what infraction?
(a) Not coming quick enough when Goeth called him.
(b) Harnessing a horse and buggy without first asking permission.
(c) Leaving a ring around Goeth's bathtub.
(d) Not having dinner ready on time.

15. In Chapter 13, Richard the barman and his girlfriend visit Henry Rosner in the Jewish ghetto. What does she hide beneath her cape, and smuggle out of the ghetto when she leaves?
(a) Letters to Jewish relatives in other countries.
(b) Passport photos to be attached to fake German documents.
(c) Photographs of the last Aktion for the British newspapers.
(d) A young Jewish boy named Olek Rosner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to Cracow making "wary" inquiries about Schindler?

2. According to Keneally, Hitler switched from shooting Jews to gassing them after what event?

3. While the Prologue's dinner party is going on downstairs, what is happening upstairs?

4. To what type of venue did Oskar Schindler invite a group of men around Christmas of 1939?

5. Poldek Pfefferberg changes his profession from schoolteacher to what, in order to begin working for Schindler?

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