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Alexandria Ripley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Scarlett participate in in Chapter 45?
(a) The Saint Patrick's Day festivities.
(b) The reception of her friend's wedding.
(c) A fundraiser for the wounded soldiers.
(d) The unveiling of the new town hall.

2. How much does Scarlett offer for Ballyhara in Chapter 58?
(a) The equivalent of ten thousand dollars.
(b) The equivalent of fifty thousand dollars.
(c) The equivalent of five hundred dollars.
(d) The equivalent of one hundred thousand dollars.

3. What is Scarlett's dream for Ballyhara?
(a) For Ballyhara to make her the richest woman in Ireland.
(b) To grow the best crops around there.
(c) To have all of the O'Hara family live there.
(d) To raise her children there.

4. How is the baby described in Chapter 62?
(a) As having green eyes and pale skin.
(b) As having blue eyes and dark skin.
(c) As having reddish hair and freckled skin.
(d) As having dark black eyes and dark skin.

5. What does Scarlett dislike about the guests in Chapter 51?
(a) How they don't wash before eating.
(b) How they speak down to Scarlett.
(c) How they compete to be the most refined.
(d) How they try to mimic Scarlett's accent.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what point does Scarlett's joy in the Ballyhara project become lost?

2. Where has Scarlett gone when the visitors arrive at Daniel's in Chapter 58?

3. What does the blacksmith at first refuse to do in Chapter 62?

4. How does Scarlett get around the house rules during Lent?

5. What does Scarlett give the soldiers who arrive at her grandmother's house during a visit in Chapter 60?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Maureen laugh about Scarlett's grandfather ruining his birthday dinner?

2. In Chapter 65, what plans does Scarlett make for the future?

3. What do Maureen and Scarlett share stories about in Chapter 43?

4. What does Scarlett find out when she goes to the store run by her uncles, James and Andrew?

5. What happens when Scarlett and Colum visit a fair in Chapter 52, and how does Scarlett feel about the event?

6. How does Scarlett relate to the workers at Ballyhara in Chapter 59?

7. In Chapter 54, what has Scarlett's pregnancy led her to believe?

8. How does Scarlett feel about her pregnancy? Why does she decide not to return to Charleston?

9. What does Kathleen tell Scarlett when she goes for a visit in Chapter 61?

10. What causes Scarlett to lose her joy of working on Ballyhara?

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