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Alexandria Ripley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the ship that has mail for Scarlett in Chapter 55?
(a) Sleepy Oak.
(b) Queen Anne.
(c) Evening Star.
(d) Morning Glory.

2. What is the weather like when Scarlett goes into labor?
(a) It is sunny.
(b) It is raining.
(c) It is overcast.
(d) It is stormy.

3. Why does Scarlett give Colum her winnings from the card game in Chapter 47?
(a) So he can trade it for the local currency.
(b) So he can give it to the poor.
(c) So he can put it towards his cause.
(d) So he can buy her some Irish souvenirs.

4. Where do Scarlett, Colum and Kathleen stay in Chapter 48?
(a) The Mountaintop Hotel.
(b) The Blue Moon Motel.
(c) The Railway Hotel.
(d) The Lionheart Hotel.

5. Who does Scarlett first stay with in Ireland?
(a) Martha.
(b) Maureen.
(c) Molly.
(d) Mary.

6. What does Colum speak to groups about?
(a) Helping the Irish people.
(b) The Civil War.
(c) How to get rid of the Yankees.
(d) The homeless.

7. Where do Scarlett and Colum ride to in Chapter 53?
(a) The river Swilly.
(b) The river Blackwater.
(c) The river Boyne.
(d) The river Suir.

8. What is Scarlett's dream for Ballyhara?
(a) For Ballyhara to make her the richest woman in Ireland.
(b) To raise her children there.
(c) To have all of the O'Hara family live there.
(d) To grow the best crops around there.

9. What does Scarlett realize during her journey to Ireland?
(a) That Rhett still loves her.
(b) That she is over Rhett.
(c) That she is pregnant.
(d) That she belongs at Tara.

10. How does Scarlett react to the realization she makes during her trip to Ireland?
(a) She is at peace.
(b) She feels regret and sadness.
(c) She feels panicked.
(d) She is excited and happy.

11. What is Scarlett upset by during the fair in Chapter 52?
(a) That the people there consider fighting fun.
(b) That the men aren't noticing her as much as she'd like.
(c) That someone spilled a drink on her dress.
(d) That the weather will not cooperate.

12. Why do the Ballyhara workers hate answering to Scarlett?
(a) Because she is a relative of Colum's.
(b) Because she doesn't know anything about working the land.
(c) Because she is a woman and is domineering.
(d) Because she is American.

13. Whose demeanor is Scarlett pleased by in Chapter 50?
(a) Her grandmother's.
(b) Her cousin's.
(c) Her aunt's.
(d) Her uncle's.

14. What does Scarlett name her baby?
(a) Katie O'Hara Butler.
(b) Katie Colum Butler.
(c) Katie Rhett O'Hara.
(d) Katie Colum O'Hara.

15. What information about Maureen horrifies Scarlett in Chapter 40?
(a) That she used to be a barmaid.
(b) That she is unable to have children.
(c) That she is going blind.
(d) That she once worked in a gambling house.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 38, what leads the president of the bank to make a fuss over Scarlett?

2. How much money does Rhett send Scarlett in Chapter 38?

3. Who is homesick for Ireland in Chapter 44?

4. Who does Scarlett want as her baby's godfather?

5. What does Scarlett's hostess honor Scarlett with in Chapter 51?

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