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Alexandria Ripley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sally have little doubt of in Chapter 12?
(a) That Scarlett has a plan to get Rhett back.
(b) That Scarlett is a fiery figure.
(c) That Scarlett is in love with Rhett.
(d) That Rhett despises Scarlett.

2. What does Scarlett know nothing about while at the market in Chapter 15?
(a) The vegetables and fruits.
(b) How to barter for a better price.
(c) The various ocean fish.
(d) The red meats.

3. What city does Scarlett live in in Chapter 1?
(a) New Orleans.
(b) Charleston.
(c) Atlanta.
(d) Savannah.

4. Who is Sister Mary Joseph?
(a) Scarlett's cousin.
(b) Scarlett's aunt.
(c) Scarlett's sister.
(d) Scarlett's mentor.

5. What does Emma notice about Anne Hampton in Chapter 12?
(a) That she looks tired and forlorn.
(b) That she is thinner.
(c) That she looks down on Scarlett.
(d) That she has been looking at Rhett with loving eyes.

6. Why does Scarlett spend a great deal of time with Middleton Courtney in Chapter 25?
(a) He owns property that she wishes to somehow get.
(b) To make Rhett jealous.
(c) His business savvy impresses her.
(d) Middleton Courtney is a very wealthy man with a great deal of power.

7. Who is Suellen?
(a) Scarlett's best friend.
(b) Scarlett's sister-in-law.
(c) Scarlett's tenant.
(d) Scarlett's sister.

8. Whose grave site does Scarlett visit in Chapter 1?
(a) Her mother's.
(b) Her father's.
(c) Melanie's.
(d) Ashley's.

9. Where is Rhett in Chapter 16?
(a) His plantation.
(b) Savannah.
(c) New York.
(d) His family home.

10. How does Rhett react to Scarlett's budding romance with Middleton?
(a) He is curious, as he feels Middleton is too boring for Scarlett.
(b) He doesn't seem to notice.
(c) He is angrier than he has ever been before.
(d) He is happy that Scarlett is moving on.

11. What must Rhett help Scarlett do before she will agree to leave Charleston?
(a) Convince Ashley to sell his company to her.
(b) Rebuild Tara.
(c) Buy back the one-third interest in Tara which the convent owns.
(d) Become pregnant.

12. What is the name of Ashley's son?
(a) Brent.
(b) Brandon.
(c) Barry.
(d) Beau.

13. Why does an angry group of workers gather outside of Rhett's plantation in Chapter 23?
(a) In an attempt to get higher wages.
(b) To discuss how to improve safety while on the job.
(c) To gain a more flexible working schedule.
(d) To seek better living accomodation.

14. What does Rosemary suggest about Scarlett that Rhett dismisses in Chapter 20?
(a) That Scarlett is misunderstood.
(b) That Scarlett is still in love with him.
(c) That Scarlett might mature.
(d) That Scarlett has a plan to win him back.

15. Where does Rhett take Tommy Cooper in Chapter 18?
(a) To a priest for confession.
(b) To Scarlett so she can give him a lecture.
(c) A house of prostitution.
(d) To his plantation to have a conversation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rhett growing on his plantation in Chapter 17?

2. Why does Scarlett agree to be Rosemary's chaperone in Chapter 22?

3. How does Middleton's wife react to his budding romance with Scarlett?

4. What is the name of Scarlett's maid?

5. Who is Joe Colton?

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