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Alexandria Ripley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Rhett, when will he return to Charleston, as of Chapter 32?
(a) After a business trip in California.
(b) After he tours Northern America.
(c) When his children return to Charleston.
(d) When Scarlett leaves Charleston.

2. What does Scarlett realize she has to stop doing in Chapter 9?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Waiting for Rhett.
(c) Cursing.
(d) Helping Ashley.

3. Who is Sister Mary Joseph?
(a) Scarlett's cousin.
(b) Scarlett's aunt.
(c) Scarlett's mentor.
(d) Scarlett's sister.

4. Why does Scarlett leave her maid behind at Tara?
(a) To teach another maid how to arrange her daughter's hair.
(b) To save money.
(c) So she can conduct her business in private.
(d) To improve her skills.

5. What does Rhett tell Scarlett he will stop doing if she remains in Charleston?
(a) Helping her with her business.
(b) Speaking to her.
(c) Paying her bills.
(d) Protecting her good name.

6. What does Rosemary confront Rhett about in Chapter 19?
(a) His poor crop choice at his plantation.
(b) Being unfeeling toward his wife.
(c) Being close-minded about the Yankee soldiers.
(d) Being too weak with Scarlett.

7. How does Rhett react to Scarlett's presence in Chapter 11?
(a) He is shocked.
(b) He is indifferent.
(c) He is overjoyed.
(d) He is angered.

8. What city does Scarlett live in in Chapter 1?
(a) Charleston.
(b) Atlanta.
(c) New Orleans.
(d) Savannah.

9. Why do the residents of Charleston walk everywhere?
(a) There are no carriages available.
(b) The streets are covered in rubble.
(c) The Yankees do not allow the use of carriages.
(d) It is better for one's health.

10. What must Rhett help Scarlett do before she will agree to leave Charleston?
(a) Become pregnant.
(b) Buy back the one-third interest in Tara which the convent owns.
(c) Convince Ashley to sell his company to her.
(d) Rebuild Tara.

11. What does Scarlett know nothing about while at the market in Chapter 15?
(a) The red meats.
(b) The various ocean fish.
(c) The vegetables and fruits.
(d) How to barter for a better price.

12. Who is Joe Colton?
(a) A priest.
(b) An architect.
(c) A contractor.
(d) An attorney.

13. How does Rhett react to Scarlett's budding romance with Middleton?
(a) He is happy that Scarlett is moving on.
(b) He doesn't seem to notice.
(c) He is angrier than he has ever been before.
(d) He is curious, as he feels Middleton is too boring for Scarlett.

14. Where does Scarlett go when she first arrives in Charleston in Chapter 10?
(a) Her sister's home.
(b) Rhett's house.
(c) Her aunts' home.
(d) A hotel.

15. What does Scarlett learn while visiting Henry Hamilton's office in Chapter 5?
(a) That her business is going under.
(b) That there is a financial crisis going on.
(c) That Rhett has inquired about her business.
(d) That her debt has been cleared.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rhett visit Alicia Savage in Chapter 18?

2. Why is Scarlett unable to visit her children at Christmas in Chapter 8?

3. Who does Scarlett send for in Chapter 2?

4. When Scarlett finds Ashley's house closed up in Chapter 5, where does she go to find him?

5. Who is dying at the end of Chapter 1?

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