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Uwem Akpan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator do when she first sees Selam at her apartment?
(a) She throws her some candy.
(b) She stares at her.
(c) She yells at her.
(d) She closes the drapes.

2. During one vacation, Selam asks the narrator ___________________________.
(a) If she wants to learn French.
(b) If she knows how to water ski.
(c) If she has ever kissed a boy.
(d) If hamburger is pork.

3. Why is the bus unable to leave as scheduled?
(a) The driver can't be found.
(b) The roads out of the city are blocked.
(c) There is engine trouble.
(d) The weather is too perilous.

4. Jubril was baptized into which religion?
(a) Christian.
(b) Muslim.
(c) Buddhism.
(d) Judaism.

5. Who is Yusuf?
(a) Jubril's father.
(b) Jubril's brother.
(c) Jubril's best friend.
(d) Jubril's grandfather.

6. The narrator's parents no longer want her to play with whom?
(a) Hadiya.
(b) Farah.
(c) Selam.
(d) Yewa.

7. Selam's parents have given her permission to eat ___________________.
(a) Chicken strips.
(b) Pork.
(c) French fries.
(d) Chocolate.

8. What differences do the two friends have?
(a) Religious differences.
(b) Language differences.
(c) Athletic differences.
(d) Cultural differences.

9. What does Madam Aniema do to the soldier to calm him down?
(a) Offers him some food.
(b) Sings to him.
(c) Rubs his hands.
(d) Sprinkles holy water on him.

10. Who saves Jubril after he has passed out in a field?
(a) A policeman.
(b) The bus driver.
(c) A Muslim man.
(d) A priest.

11. What place does the narrator have in her family?
(a) An only child.
(b) The oldest child.
(c) The middle child.
(d) The youngest child.

12. What does the narrator note about the streets outside the apartment?
(a) They are wet.
(b) They are empty.
(c) They are filled with people.
(d) They have oil spots.

13. Two people who share a close bond are able to _________________________.
(a) Finish each other's sentences.
(b) Instill insecurities in each other.
(c) Make each other angry.
(d) Communicate messages to each other.

14. Who is the best friend of the person in #74?
(a) Fatwah.
(b) Yewa.
(c) Selah.
(d) Selam.

15. Why do two policeman enter the Luxurious Bus?
(a) To look for a runaway girl.
(b) To stop a riot.
(c) To remove the sick man.
(d) To talk to the village chief.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the setting of the story?

2. Why is Jubril uncomfortable around the women on the bus?

3. The soldier wants to be a farmer or a ____________________.

4. As the story begins, the Nigerian government places a ban on the transportation of _________________ from one end of the country to another.

5. Which of the following is NOT something the narrator likes about her best friend?

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