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Uwem Akpan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through My Parents' Bedroom (Rwanda).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is outraged that he/she overslept on Christmas and lost the chance to beg from white tourists?
(a) Maisha.
(b) The father.
(c) The mother.
(d) Jigana.

2. What does Maman do to Jean before leaving the house?
(a) Sprays perfume on him.
(b) Combs his hair.
(c) Reads him a story.
(d) Tucks him into bed.

3. Where does Fofo Kpee take the children on their first ride on the motorcycle?
(a) The ice cream shop.
(b) The beach.
(c) Church.
(d) The mall.

4. What does Fofo do one night that frightens the children?
(a) He masturbates near their beds.
(b) Sets the house on fire.
(c) Cuts his arms with a knife.
(d) Ties them to their beds.

5. Which is NOT one of the things that Jinga does when Maisha leaves?
(a) Swallows a bottle of glue.
(b) Breaks his school pencils.
(c) Pulls down the mosquito net.
(d) Tears up his school uniform.

Short Answer Questions

1. What candy do the two friends like to eat?

2. Monique is raped because __________________________.

3. What does the soldier carry onto the bus?

4. Where does Fofo Kpee keep the motorcycle?

5. What does the mob do at Monique's house?

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