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Uwem Akpan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Luxurious Hearses (Nigeria).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Two people who share a close bond are able to _________________________.
(a) Communicate messages to each other.
(b) Make each other angry.
(c) Finish each other's sentences.
(d) Instill insecurities in each other.

2. In what country does the story take place?
(a) Nigeria.
(b) Kenya.
(c) Nairobi.
(d) Ethiopia.

3. A man named Emeka takes care of another man who has ___________________.
(a) Tuberculosis.
(b) Epilepsy.
(c) Malaria.
(d) Scabies.

4. Why do the children take Baby to town with them?
(a) People give more money when Baby is with them.
(b) They can teach her songs.
(c) The store owner gives them candy.
(d) They want to buy her some ice cream.

5. Who is a tout in the story?
(a) Farah Ngee.
(b) Femir Dput.
(c) Fofo Kpee.
(d) Falafel Gabon.

Short Answer Questions

1. During one vacation, Selam asks the narrator ___________________________.

2. How does Maisha arrive home the next morning?

3. What was Jubril's punishment for stealing a goat?

4. Where does Fofo Kpee take the children on their first ride on the motorcycle?

5. What does a nosy woman on the bus ask Jubril?

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