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Uwem Akpan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fattening for Gabon (Benin).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is a tout in the story?
(a) Farah Ngee.
(b) Falafel Gabon.
(c) Femir Dput.
(d) Fofo Kpee.

2. What does Fofo tell Kotchikpa about Mama and Papa?
(a) They are bad people.
(b) They no longer want him.
(c) They are wealthy.
(d) They have moved away.

3. What does Naema do to Baby while out begging to keep him dry?
(a) Puts a hoodie on him.
(b) Puts a newspaper over him.
(c) Wraps him in plastic bags.
(d) Holds an umbrella over him.

4. What does Mama suggest giving the neighbors for Christmas?
(a) Cookies.
(b) A liter of petrol.
(c) Wine.
(d) A fruitcake.

5. Who is Naema?
(a) Jigana's aunt.
(b) Jigana's mother.
(c) Jigana's godmother.
(d) Jigana's sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fofo Kpee tells the children that they have _________________ who want to adopt them.

2. Who arrives unexpectedly one night to say that the children will be leaving within the week?

3. With what does Mama spray down the house?

4. Mama downs a bottle of _______________ which is usually reserved for the children.

5. Why does the person in #61 begin to shake Fofo and yell at him?

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