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Uwem Akpan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Luxurious Hearses (Nigeria).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the person in #115 yell at Jubril?
(a) He had the audacity to speak to him.
(b) He spilled water on them.
(c) He dropped his bag on her lap.
(d) He stepped on his foot.

2. Which of the following do the Christian rebels NOT do to the person who is sheltering Jubril?
(a) Pour gasoline over the person's belongings.
(b) Shoot the person.
(c) Threaten to burn his/her house.
(d) Beat the person.

3. What treats does Fofo Kpee give to the children?
(a) Nuts and fruit juice.
(b) Ice cream.
(c) Chocolates.
(d) Shave ice.

4. What does Big Guy promise to give the gravediggers?
(a) A new car.
(b) Drugs.
(c) Fofo's motorcycle.
(d) Gold coins.

5. Two people who share a close bond are able to _________________________.
(a) Instill insecurities in each other.
(b) Communicate messages to each other.
(c) Finish each other's sentences.
(d) Make each other angry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is a tout in the story?

2. Who has taken Jubril's reserved seat on the bus?

3. Why does the village chief get so angry at Jubril?

4. The narrator is happy because __________________________.

5. The narrator and her best friend ______________________.

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