Objects & Places from Say You're One of Them

Uwem Akpan
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The Trunk

This is the place where Maisha stores her belongings in the story, An Ex-Mas Feast.

The Nanfang

This is a motorcycle purchased for Fofo Kpee in the story Fattening for Gabon.

The Luxurious Bus

This is a service hired to transport Christian refugees to their homes in the southern villages.

The TVs

These are the largest source of temptation for Jubril on his journey from northern to Southern Nigeria in the story Luxurious Hearses.

ECOMOG Soldiers

These men are sent out by the Nigerian government to aid in the country's civil war.


This dog is small enough to fit in someone's lap and is so sick that it often coughs up blood.

The Crucifix

This is a symbol of both hope and sacrifice for Monique, who has been promised to inherit the icon when her father dies.


This is the country in which the...

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