Say You're One of Them Character Descriptions

Uwem Akpan
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Character Descriptions

Jubril - He is described as looking mature for his age, even though he is a teenager.

Jigana - He is the eight-year-old narrator of the story Ex-Mas Feast.

Maisha - She is a twelve-year-old prostitute in the story Ex-Mas Feast.

Kotchikpa - He is the ten-year-old narrator of the story Fattening for Gabon.

Fofo Kpee - He makes the decision to sell his niece and nephew into slavery in exchange for a new motorcycle and various other luxuries.

Big Guy - He is the human trafficker at work in the story Fattening for Gabon.

The Chief - He is the old man who steals Jubril's reserved seat in the story Luxurious Hearses.

Colonel Usenetok - He is the crazed soldier who boards the Luxurious Bus in the story of the same name, after the man weakened by malaria has been taken off.

Monique - She is...

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