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Uwem Akpan
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An Ex-Mas Feast (Kenya)

• Eight-year-old Jigana describes his twelve-year-old sister, Maisha, who has recently become a prostitute to help support her family living in a slum in Kenya.

• Maisha is already training her eight-year-old sister, Naema, about life as a prostitute.

• Jigana's family consists of Mama, Baba, Maisha, Naema, twins Otieno and Atieno, and Baby.

• On Christmas morning, Mama, who is an alcoholic, gives her children glue to sniff to stave off their hunger pangs until Maisha comes home, hopefully bringing food.
• The children beg in the streets for money, with the exception of Maisha since she now prostitutes.

• Maisha settles the family's debts with neighbors and Maman is pleased.

• Months before, Jigana spent some time with Maisha on the streets and she tells him that she is thinking about joining a brothel which means she would have to move away.

• Maisha wants to work in the brothel...

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