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Ingrid Law
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Four through Chapter Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Mibs' father get the tattoo on his arm, according to the way the story is told?
(a) Navy.
(b) Last week.
(c) When he was in a camp.
(d) Army.

2. What did Fish cause during his first encounter with his special power?
(a) Plague.
(b) Hurricane.
(c) Desert.
(d) Power outage.

3. Rocket's power is the power of ___________, according to the story and this can get him into trouble.
(a) Pain.
(b) Causing fires.
(c) Electricity.
(d) Creating land.

4. What do the children help Grandpa bottle at Rocket's birthday party, according to the story?
(a) Lightning bugs.
(b) Spiders.
(c) Sound waves.
(d) Magic.

5. What happens as a result of Rocket's savvy coming on during his birthday party?
(a) Thunderstorm.
(b) Blackout.
(c) Flood.
(d) Peace movement.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who hopes no one will attend the party that Miss Rosemary is planning?

2. Grandpa has the power to move and create _________, according to the story.

3. Who is going to go with mother to see Poppa in the hospital?

4. What does Miss Rosemary want to plan, though the others think it may be a bad idea?

5. What is the color of the flower that Mibs pins to her dress, according to the story?

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