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Ingrid Law
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirty Two through Chapter Thirty Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Lill going when she encountered a stall with her car, according to the story?
(a) Gas station.
(b) Home.
(c) Hospital.
(d) Work.

2. What does Mibs tell Will to do in order to help keep the voices from making her go crazy, according to the story?
(a) Hide.
(b) Leave her alone.
(c) Wash his hand.
(d) Drink water.

3. Mibs is grateful to get to know Bobbi through _______ instead of through inner secrets from a tattoo.
(a) Books.
(b) Food.
(c) Friendship.
(d) School.

4. Where does Lester decide to sleep after the group arrives at its final destination?
(a) Bus.
(b) Cot.
(c) Bathtub.
(d) Floor.

5. Fish notes that no should know about his/her savvies except for ________ and those who might become family.
(a) Elders.
(b) Spouses.
(c) Family.
(d) Priests.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is able to mimic her mother's voice well and fools Lill when she does so?

2. What kind of pet does Samson have that was hibernating, but awakens when Mibs wakes up one morning?

3. Who does Mibs realize is not on the bus after he/she hurriedly escapes from Carlene's trailer?

4. What is the kind of pie that Samson requests when they arrive at the diner?

5. Where does Mibs hide after hearing words from the picture she's drawn on Will?

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