Objects & Places from Savvy

Ingrid Law
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This area is where the Beaumonts move following Fish's first episode with his savvy, so that they can be away from water.


This is a unique ability the Beaumont family members develop at the age of thirteen.


This is the ability to control a savvy.

Salina Hope Hospital

This is the hospital where Poppa Beaumont has been placed following the accident and is where Mibs and her friends are trying to go.

Emerald Truck Stop Diner and Lounge

This is where Lill works and where the confrontation between the truck stop owner and Lill, Lester, Sampson, and the rest of the group occurs.

Lincoln Sleepy 10

This is the motel the group stays in on its way to see Poppa Beaumont. It is also here that the kids first learn they are wanted and where Will first kisses Mibs.

Heartland Bible Supply Company Bus


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