Savvy Character Descriptions

Ingrid Law
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Mississippi (Mibs) Beaumont - As a special girl turning thirteen, this character has enough problems in life just being a teenage girl with a savvy, but with the added strain of her father's accident, she has enough problems to make anyone depressed.

Fish Beaumont - This character is a fourteen-year-old brother.

Will Meeks - This character is a bright, caring, and confident young man who, from the beginning of the novel, treats the main character in a way that hints at his romantic feelings for her.

Bobbi Meeks - This sixteen-year-old daughter is a confident, sassy, sarcastic, mouthy young woman who often comes off as abrasive and mean.

Lill Kiteley - This character is a waitress in a nearby town and she is trying desperately to get to work, so someone offers to give her a ride.

Lester Swan - This character is a Bible salesman who...

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