Savvy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ingrid Law
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Chapter One through Chapter Three

• Mibs is waiting for her thirteenth birthday as that's when she'll receive her savvy.

• Everyone in Mibs' family has a savvy.

• Mibs notes it's hard for the Beaumonts to make friends.

• Miss Rosemary comes to care for the Beaumont children.

• Miss Rosemary brings her children over to keep the Beaumont children company.

• Will lets Mibs know they are praying for her father.

Chapter Four through Chapter Seven

• Rosemary is planning a party for Mibs' birthday.

• Mibs awakes without any noticeable savvy.

• Mibs doesn't like the way the other girls ogle Will.

• Mibs faints after seeing the tattoo on Bobbi's back.

Chapter Eight through Chapter Ten

• Mibs tells Will that she has to get to Salina.

• Mibs, Will, and Bobbi end up on a bus that drives away from Salina.

• Mibs worries she is losing her mind because of all the voices in her...

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