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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stephens describe his students?

2. In Part 4, Chapter 20, whom does Colin remain friends with from his school days?

3. What does Colin tell Margaret when he loses her to Stafford?

4. In Part 5, Chapter 28, what is Colin allowed to teach the children at his school?

5. What does Colin buy for Harry in Part 5, Chapter 27?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Gannon think when he visits the Savilles in Part 4, Chapter 21?

2. What do Colin and Stephens disagree about at work in Part 5, Chapter 25?

3. What happens when Colin tries to get in touch with Margaret in Part 4, Chapter 24?

4. In Part 4, Chapter 19, what happens when Colin invites Sheila over to his house?

5. What happens during Colin's medical exam in Part 4, Chapter 23?

6. What happens when Colin goes out with Audrey for the first time?

7. In Part 4, Chapter 18, what must Colin do for his brothers?

8. What makes Harry angry with Colin in Part 5, Chapter 27?

9. Why does Elizabeth feel that she and Colin are not destined to have a long relationship?

10. How does Colin feel when Steve is signed to a football team?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Saville is very much a novel about Colin coming of age. Summarize the development of Colin from child to adult. What major events help move him? What beliefs remain unchanged? What is Colin's pivotal moment? What lesson does the author want readers to recognize in Colin's story?

Essay Topic 2

Rugby is an important sport in Saxton. Who plays rugby? How do the characters in this novel feel about the sport? What does the sport represent in this novel? How is rugby used to help define the time and place of Saville?

Essay Topic 3

Because of the loss of Andrew, the Savilles have tension in their marriage from the start. Describe the tension that Harry and Ellen face throughout the novel. What aggravates their tension? Do they have a resolution? What is the author's commentary on their marriage?

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