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Short Answer Questions

1. Who failed the grammar school entrance exam?

2. How did Harry feel after Colin's fist fight in Part 3, Chapter 15?

3. Where do the Savilles walk for an hour every Sunday?

4. How does Colin think he did on the examination in Part 2, Chapter 9?

5. When does Harry start building the bomb shelter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Colin do before Margaret visits his parents' house for the first time?

2. What happens the first time Colin goes to Sunday school?

3. How does Colin feel when Steve is signed to a football team?

4. What happens when Colin tells Margaret they shouldn't get married?

5. What are some of the things that happen during the party in Part 4, Chapter 19?

6. What ends Colin's association with Stephens in Part 4, Chapter 17?

7. Why does Colin go to the pub almost every night after teaching?

8. Why does Colin get in trouble with his father in Part 2, Chapter 10?

9. In Part 5, Chapter 26, what happens when Colin argues with Steven about the future?

10. What happens during Colin's first day of school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Colin is very concerned with being able to take care of his parents. How does Colin try to care for his parents? How do they receive his help? Why is it so important to Colin to provide for them? How does this develop Colin as a character?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the role of women in Saville. What women were considered acceptable and which were not? What accounts for the differences? Are the women in this novel created any differently than the men? How so? What is the author saying about women in the 1930's? The 1970's? Currently?

Essay Topic 3

The hut is an important place for Colin as a boy. Describe the hut and the activities the boys did when they were there. What purpose does the hut serve and why is it included in this novel?

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