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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What career does Steven say he wants?
(a) To be a teacher.
(b) To be a musician.
(c) He doesn't know yet.
(d) To work in the coal mine.

2. What does Steven tell Ellen at the end of Part 5, Chapter 27?
(a) That he will never forget that she sided against him.
(b) That he has decided to drop out of school.
(c) That he will be moving out the next day.
(d) That he will never forget they went on vacation without him.

3. What does Elizabeth accuse Colin of doing in his relationships?
(a) Being too loving.
(b) Pretending to be disinterested.
(c) Verbal abuse.
(d) Sucking the life out of women.

4. Who calls Colin "Bard Colin"?
(a) Mr. Pratt.
(b) His coach.
(c) Harry.
(d) Miss Woodson.

5. Who takes Colin to the train station in Part 5, Chapter 31?
(a) Ellen.
(b) Steve.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Harry.

6. What happened to the dance hall that Michael Reagan was managing?
(a) It went bankrupt.
(b) It had a water main break.
(c) It was robbed.
(d) It burned to the ground.

7. In Part 5, Chapter 30, Steve accuses Colin of doing what?
(a) Judging people based on their wealth.
(b) Cheating on his girlfriend.
(c) Being too bossy.
(d) Trying to grab everything for himself.

8. In Part 4, Chapter 24, what happens every time Colin goes to see Margaret?
(a) She's too busy to talk.
(b) She isn't at home.
(c) She starts a fight with him.
(d) Stafford is over.

9. Where does Colin meet Margaret?
(a) At a party.
(b) At school.
(c) At the Reagans' house.
(d) In Saxton.

10. At the school where Colin teaches in Part 5, Chapter 25, what does the headmaster consider poetry to be?
(a) Critical.
(b) Unnecessary.
(c) A joke.
(d) Enrichment.

11. What surprise event happens to Steve in Part 5, Chapter 30?
(a) He is accepted to Oxford.
(b) He is signed to a professional football team.
(c) He gets a job in Italy.
(d) He breaks his arm.

12. Who are people most surprised to see take part in the festivities in Part 4, Chapter 19?
(a) Colin.
(b) Harry.
(c) Ellen.
(d) Stephens.

13. Who introduces Colin to Elizabeth?
(a) Phil.
(b) Stafford.
(c) Margaret.
(d) Michael.

14. When Colin sends his parents on vacation at Easter, what happens at home to upset him?
(a) The bill collector comes.
(b) Richard runs away.
(c) Steven is alone with a girl.
(d) The roof starts to cave in.

15. What makes Colin suspicious of Stafford's relationship with Margaret?
(a) They drive off together in his car.
(b) She keeps his picture in her wallet.
(c) They went to a dance together.
(d) He sends her presents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job does Harry get in Part 4, Chapter 21?

2. How much money has Colin saved up to take with him when he leaves Saxton?

3. What does Colin buy for Harry in Part 5, Chapter 27?

4. In Part 4, Chapter 21, what does Colin say he is most interested in studying in college?

5. Why do the Savilles and their neighbors have a party in Part 4, Chapter 19?

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