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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Colin answer a test question in Part 4, Chapter 17?
(a) With an expletive.
(b) With a poem.
(c) With a very long paragraph.
(d) With a song lyric.

2. In Part 4, Chapter 21, what does Colin say he is most interested in studying in college?
(a) Engineering.
(b) Poetry.
(c) Literature.
(d) Math.

3. What does Colin buy for Harry in Part 5, Chapter 27?
(a) Dinner.
(b) New kitchen appliances.
(c) A suit and furniture.
(d) A car.

4. How do Colin's students react to him in the classroom in Part 5, Chapter 28?
(a) They openly admit how much they are learning.
(b) They skip class.
(c) They begin to have fun.
(d) They don't pay attention to him.

5. When Colin sends his parents on vacation at Easter, what happens at home to upset him?
(a) The bill collector comes.
(b) Richard runs away.
(c) The roof starts to cave in.
(d) Steven is alone with a girl.

6. Why does Colin lose his job at the school?
(a) For his lack of education.
(b) For playing music.
(c) For his students' failing grades.
(d) For being late.

7. What happens when Steven takes his entrance exams for school?
(a) He gets into King Edward's.
(b) He does better than Colin did.
(c) He fails them completely.
(d) He does not get into King Edward's.

8. How does Elizabeth feel about her relationship with Colin?
(a) She feels that he is too stubborn.
(b) She feels they have little in common.
(c) She feels they have a good chance.
(d) She feels that he is very mean.

9. How does Colin interact with Stafford after he steals Margaret?
(a) They remain friends.
(b) They become violent enemies.
(c) They no longer speak.
(d) They start rumors about each other.

10. What surprise event happens to Steve in Part 5, Chapter 30?
(a) He breaks his arm.
(b) He is signed to a professional football team.
(c) He gets a job in Italy.
(d) He is accepted to Oxford.

11. How much money has Colin saved up to take with him when he leaves Saxton?
(a) 75 pounds.
(b) 50 pounds.
(c) 25 pounds.
(d) 100 pounds.

12. How does Stephens do in school?
(a) He barely passes.
(b) He fails every class.
(c) He gets straight As.
(d) He is an average student.

13. What does Ellen tell Colin about Steven in Part 5, Chapter 26?
(a) That Steven just isn't as smart as Colin.
(b) That Steven has never done Colin any harm.
(c) That Steven needs extra time in life.
(d) That Steven always means well.

14. What does Elizabeth do when Colin asks what she'll do with her life in Part 5, Chapter 31?
(a) She slaps him.
(b) She says nothing.
(c) She cries.
(d) She laughs.

15. Why is Colin late meeting Audrey at her house in Part 4, Chapter 18?
(a) He was taking care of his brothers.
(b) He forgot about the meeting.
(c) He was at the hut.
(d) He was in trouble with the headmaster.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Colin argue with Steve about in Part 5, Chapter 26?

2. Who introduces Colin to Elizabeth?

3. What do Ellen and Colin argue over in Part 5, Chapter 27 that makes her say he is bitter?

4. In Part 5, Chapter 25, what does Colin learn about Margaret?

5. Where does Colin meet Margaret?

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