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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the Savilles lacking that surprises Margaret in Part 4, Chapter 22?
(a) Electricity.
(b) Running water.
(c) A maid.
(d) Bookshelves.

2. In Part 4, Chapter 21, what does Colin say he is most interested in studying in college?
(a) Literature.
(b) Engineering.
(c) Math.
(d) Poetry.

3. Why does Colin lose his job at the school?
(a) For playing music.
(b) For his lack of education.
(c) For his students' failing grades.
(d) For being late.

4. When Margaret is accepted to a university, how far away from Colin is it?
(a) 40 miles.
(b) 25 miles.
(c) 100 miles.
(d) 10 miles.

5. What does Ellen tell Colin about Steven in Part 5, Chapter 26?
(a) That Steven just isn't as smart as Colin.
(b) That Steven has never done Colin any harm.
(c) That Steven needs extra time in life.
(d) That Steven always means well.

6. Who are people most surprised to see take part in the festivities in Part 4, Chapter 19?
(a) Colin.
(b) Stephens.
(c) Harry.
(d) Ellen.

7. In Part 4, Chapter 23, whom does Colin seem to envy most?
(a) Stafford.
(b) Business owners.
(c) His youngest brother.
(d) Margaret's brother.

8. What surprise event happens to Steve in Part 5, Chapter 30?
(a) He gets a job in Italy.
(b) He is accepted to Oxford.
(c) He breaks his arm.
(d) He is signed to a professional football team.

9. What career does Steven say he wants?
(a) To be a teacher.
(b) He doesn't know yet.
(c) To work in the coal mine.
(d) To be a musician.

10. Where does Colin go with Audrey in Part 4, Chapter 18?
(a) To dinner.
(b) To a party.
(c) To a dance.
(d) To the movies.

11. In Part 4, Chapter 23, who does join the military?
(a) Stafford.
(b) Greg.
(c) Steven.
(d) Michael.

12. In Part 5, Chapter 30, Steve accuses Colin of doing what?
(a) Judging people based on their wealth.
(b) Trying to grab everything for himself.
(c) Cheating on his girlfriend.
(d) Being too bossy.

13. In Part 5, Chapter 25, what does Colin learn about Margaret?
(a) That she broke up with Stafford.
(b) That she is going to law school.
(c) That she is moving to Germany.
(d) That she is engaged to Stafford.

14. How does Stephens describe his students?
(a) As wastes of space.
(b) As minds to be enlightened.
(c) As the joys of his day.
(d) As bodies to be taught.

15. What does Margaret's brother do for a living?
(a) He is a doctor.
(b) He is a teacher.
(c) He is in the military.
(d) He is a banker.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 4, Chapter 23, where do Colin and Stafford surprise Margaret?

2. When Colin sends his parents on vacation at Easter, what happens at home to upset him?

3. In Part 4, Chapter 18, why does Harry get mad at Colin?

4. How do Colin's students react to him in the classroom in Part 5, Chapter 28?

5. What does Margaret's father do for a living?

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