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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who teaches Colin's class at his new school?
(a) Mr. Latin.
(b) Mr. Lincoln.
(c) Mr. Hubbell.
(d) Mr. Hodges.

2. What type of inventions does Harry start to create in Part 2, Chapter 7?
(a) Weaponry.
(b) Culinary.
(c) Aeronautical.
(d) Automobiles.

3. When do Harry and his family move just outside of Saxton?
(a) The 1930s.
(b) The 1920s.
(c) The 1940s.
(d) The 1910s.

4. Why is Michael Reagan teased at Sunday school?
(a) Because he shows up late.
(b) Because he reads books.
(c) Because he has not read the Bible.
(d) Because he plays the violin.

5. How old is Colin in Part 3, Chapter 14?
(a) 13.
(b) 12.
(c) 11.
(d) 10.

6. Where does Colin meet Stafford in Part 2, Chapter 11?
(a) During recess.
(b) In the principal's office.
(c) In town.
(d) At the park.

7. Who helps the Savilles manage their grief over losing Andrew?
(a) Colin.
(b) Tom.
(c) An unnamed neighbor.
(d) Mark.

8. What does the school's motto, Labor Ipse Voluptas, mean?
(a) Pleasure after work.
(b) Learning is work.
(c) Work for your money.
(d) Work is a pleasure.

9. How long does Colin work on the farm?
(a) Four weeks.
(b) Five weeks.
(c) Seven weeks.
(d) Six weeks.

10. What does Harry decide not to tell his wife about during their vacation at the seashore?
(a) That Colin is sick.
(b) That a war may start soon.
(c) That her clothes are poorly made.
(d) That they are broke.

11. Why does Harry help Colin with testing every night in Part 2, Chapter 8?
(a) So Colin can go to military school.
(b) So Colin can do better in school.
(c) So Colin can skip the next grade in school.
(d) So Colin can stay back a grade in school.

12. How does Colin get a sled in Part 2, Chapter 10?
(a) Ellen buys him one.
(b) Harry makes him one.
(c) Ian lets him borrow his.
(d) He finds it behind his school.

13. In Part 3, Chapter 16, where are Ellen's parents confined?
(a) To the first floor of their house.
(b) To the hospital.
(c) To their bed.
(d) To the couch.

14. Where is the Dell located?
(a) By the train tracks.
(b) Near the sewer works.
(c) Behind a factory.
(d) Across from a coal mine.

15. How does Andrew die?
(a) An accident.
(b) The family doesn't know.
(c) Murder.
(d) Illness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Colin see his father do when he follows him to the park in Part 2, Chapter 6?

2. Who does Colin get into a fist fight with in Part 3, Chapter 15?

3. What are the Saxon's neighbors waiting for in Part 3, Chapter 16?

4. What happened when the Savilles and their neighbors went into Harry's bomb shelter in Part 1, Chapter 4?

5. How does Colin think he did on the examination in Part 2, Chapter 9?

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