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Saville Home -- Farm Laborers' Cottage - This is the first place the Savilles live after getting married.

Ellen Saville's Parents' Home - This place is a small row house.

Town of Saxton - This is where many miners live.

Saville Home -- Miner's Cottage - This is where Colin and Steve grow up.

The Colliery - This is a coal mine.

The Hut - This is a secret hideout Colin and his friends used to spend time in.

The Dell - This is a swampy place near a sewer pit.

King Edward's Grammar School - This is where Colin attends school.

The Park - This is where Saxton children like to play.

Neville Stafford's Home - This house is about an hour away from Colin's home.

Margaret Dorman's home - This house borders a golf course.

School - This is where Colin first teaches.

Maureen's House...

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