Saville Character Descriptions

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Harry Saville - This character works very hard in a coal mine and despises the job.

Ellen Saville - This character's parents never think she is good enough.

Andrew Saville - This character dies as a toddler.

Colin Saville - This character teaches poetry with varying degrees of success.

Mr. and Mrs. Swanson - This elderly couple fall ill at the same time.

Steven Saville - This character decides to work in the coal mine while he is still in grade school.

Richard Saville - This character is the youngest of four brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw - This couple lives next door to the Savilles.

Batty - This character spends most of his boyhood getting into fights.

Stringer - This character is known as the deputy of the hut.

Mr. and Mrs. Reagan - This couple lives near the Savilles; one of them works in the...

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