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Part 1, Chapter 1 | Part 1, Chapter 2

• The Savilles move into a dilapidated farmhouse. Ellen hates the house, but Harry tries to make the most of it.

• The Savilles have a son named Andrew who is very outgoing even at a young age.

• Andrew falls ill and Ellen and Harry decide to watch him for a day or two.

• While trying to find a doctor, Andrew dies.

• Ellen gives birth to another son, Colin, who the parents use to help them move past Andrew's death.

Part 1, Chapter 3

• The Savilles take a vacation to the seaside.

• Even though Colin is nervous about the water at first, he soon learns to love it.

• Harry and his family enjoy their stay at the beach because it is so different from life at home.

• Harry runs into a friend from the coal mine who urges him to join the military.

• Harry won't join the military...

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