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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Harper, how does her teacher punish the children?

2. What is the race of the non-white children in the accelerated classes at the school in Riverdale?

3. How does Harper's mother describe her life in an Anacostia neighborhood?

4. What type of facility is missing from Camden High School?

5. Which city does Kozol point out as having a non-white administration for two years where conditions did not improve?

Short Essay Questions

1. What similarity exist between selective schools in New York and Chicago?

2. Where does Delabian Rice-Thurston say the rich and middle class in Washington, D.C. try to send their children to school? Why don't the poor parents send their children to the same schools?

3. Why do public schools in certain areas of New York suffer more than others?

4. How does Kozol describe the two worlds of Washington, D.C.?

5. What resources do the teachers at Pyne Point Junior High lack? How do the teachers improvise?

6. How do the children attending public schools in the suburbs of New York that Kozol interviews feel about sharing funding and resources with children at urban public schools?

7. How are test scores in math and reading determined? How do the determination of these scores affect children in poor schools?

8. Why does Kozol think that inner city problems would not be totally solved by better schools?

9. Why would the students at Woodrow Wilson High want to remain there rather than attending a school with better resources?

10. Name three specific examples of overcrowding in New Jersey public schools.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In his interviews, Kozol asks several individuals what they think is the answer to better schools. Based on the book Savage Inequalities, what are some of the ways to better schools? How can these ways be implemented in the schools/communities? Please use specific examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

In various areas, Kozol speaks with adults about the health of the students that attend the poor urban schools and that live in the community. What types of illnesses do the adults mention children having in the various cities that Kozol visits? How do the students get these illnesses? Based on the book, how do you think these illness effect children's education? What can be done to improve the health of students in these various urban cities? Please use specific examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

In the chapter entitled, The Savage Inequalities of Public Education in New York, Kozol travels to two schools that have issues with space. What limitations does the issue of space put on the teachers, students, and administrators? What future issues could arise because of the limited space at the schools? Please use specific examples from the book.

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