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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, "The Equality of Innocence: Washington, D.C.,".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which school did President George H.W. Bush attend?
(a) Dearfield Academy.
(b) Phillips Academy.
(c) Dearborne Academy.
(d) St. Johns Academy.

2. Why does one of the psychiatrists that Kozol speaks to believe many whites think more money will not help inner city schools?
(a) Because they believe that a good education should be reserved for the rich.
(b) Because they believe that poor blacks should not be allowed in white schools.
(c) Because they believe that non-whites do not deserve a better education.
(d) Because they believe non-whites are actually born inferior.

3. What does Kozol think will not solve inner-city problems?
(a) More minority-owned businesses.
(b) Better schools.
(c) More social services.
(d) More social workers in the neighborhood.

4. According to Thurston, why are poor people in Washington, D.C. willing to accept a dual system of public education?
(a) Poor parents want to expand the educational opportunities of their children.
(b) They are ignorant to the fleeing of the middle class from the city.
(c) They want to keep the white and black middle class from fleeing the city.
(d) The poor do not realize there is a dual system of education.

5. How much money does Irl Soloman earn at East St. Louis High each year after teaching for nearly 30 years?
(a) $32,000.
(b) $34,000.
(c) $36,000.
(d) $38,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are test scores in math and reading in America graded against?

2. Why did Sam Morgan, principal of East St. Louis High, not attend the school as a student?

3. What is the name of the Villa Griffin child whose sister was murdered by a friend of the mother?

4. What are the two sources of lead in East St. Louis named in the Life on the Mississippi chapter?

5. How long do some of the students at Morris High School think it will be before blacks and whites work together to better public education?

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