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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Sufyan girls think might be going on with Chamcha?
(a) They think he is projecting an image onto their minds.
(b) Because he is an actor, they think his appearance may just be makeup.
(c) They think he will return to normal in the south of France.
(d) They think he just has a hysterical deformity which will go away.

2. What does Srinivas realize about Aeysha?
(a) She can only sleep under a blanket of butterflies.
(b) She is connected to the Archangel Gibreel.
(c) She cannot possibly be wrong.
(d) She has the same face as the goddess Lakshmi.

3. What is the meaning of Uhuru Simba's name?
(a) Freedom for the Lion
(b) Black is Beautiful
(c) Africans for Freedom
(d) Honor of the Lion

4. When Aeysha proclaims the loss of life as punishment from God, Mirza Saeed retorts that they were all underground. What does Aeysha say?
(a) They dug their own graves.
(b) They should have climbed the mountain.
(c) They should have gone to the sea.
(d) They were trying to hide from God.

5. How is Baal disguised by the madam of The Curtain brothel?
(a) He is dressed as a woman.
(b) His skin and hair are dyed blue black like a djinn.
(c) He is painted white and stands like a statue.
(d) He is plastered to look like a leper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens before Mahound will enter Jahilia?

2. How does Aeysha turn Mirza Saeed's offer to her favor?

3. What does the Imam say about the foundling baby?

4. Why is Dr. Simba arrested?

5. What does Srinivas, the toy merchant, see coming toward him?

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