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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Satanic verses, multiple marriages, and either old or very young wives are all points of disagreement between what two people?
(a) Baal and Hind
(b) Gibreel and Saladin
(c) Pamela and Allie
(d) Salman and Mahound

2. On the radio in a taxi, who does Saladin hear speaking?
(a) Eugene Dumsday
(b) Winston churchill
(c) Gibreel Farishta
(d) Allie Cone

3. What has Hind upset at the Shaandaar Bed and Breakfast?
(a) She hears Chamcha clomping around on his goat feet.
(b) She learns that chamcha has lost his job.
(c) She sees Hanif Johnson coming out of her daughter's, Mishal's, room.
(d) She catches her husband with Mimi.

4. What assurance does Jumpy need to go into Pamela's bedroom?
(a) That Chamcha will not see him
(b) Permission from Chamcha
(c) That Chamcha is out of town
(d) A copy of Pamela's divorce papers

5. What do all the people accept as a miracle after the rains stop?
(a) The butterflies return.
(b) The sun immediately dries the land.
(c) Aeysha's sari turns to gold.
(d) No one has been harmed in the flood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chamcha do in his apartment?

2. When Aeysha proclaims the loss of life as punishment from God, Mirza Saeed retorts that they were all underground. What does Aeysha say?

3. How is Baal disguised by the madam of The Curtain brothel?

4. What happens when Aeysha agrees with the Imam?

5. Why is Dr. Simba arrested?

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