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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who thinks it is a miracle that they are alive?
(a) Gibreel
(b) Chamcha
(c) The TV reporter
(d) An old woman

2. After the fall, what happens to Saladin's breath?
(a) Saladin no longer needs to breathe.
(b) It smells of burning wood.
(c) It smells like flowers.
(d) It becomes very bad like Gibreel's was before.

3. What occurs in Gibreel's dream as Mahound returns to the mountain?
(a) He and Mahound are wrestling naked.
(b) He talks to God who tells him what to say.
(c) Mahound tries to kill him.
(d) He changes Mahound into a donkey.

4. Why does the Imam destroy clocks?
(a) Clocks are works of the Devil.
(b) He says God's time is timeless.
(c) The Empress Aeysha collects clocks.
(d) They remind him of how long he has been in exile.

5. Why are Mahound's followers worried after he goes to see the Grandee?
(a) He may be planning to kill the Grandee.
(b) He is gone a long time and has not returned.
(c) He is likely to compromise with the Grandee.
(d) He may fall into the clutches of Hind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mahound go after he leaves Hind's chambers?

2. Why is Saladin covered with a thin sheet of ice?

3. Who tells Abu Simbel that a poet's work is to shape the world?

4. What makes Gibreel begin speaking after pinning Mahound down?

5. How does Gibreel finally manage to pin Mahound down in the wrestling match?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the reaction to Saladin when Sufyan brings him into the Shaandaar hotel?

2. Where does the title of Satanic Verses come from?

3. Describe the meeting of Mr. Maslama and Gibreel on the train.

4. Describe the physical transformation of Chamcha after he comes back to earth.

5. Trapped by Rosa Diamond, what does Gibreel think is happening to him?

6. Give some information about the exiled Imam.

7. What do the citizens of Jahilia and their religion represent in the novel?

8. Describe how Chamcha is helped to get out of the hospital.

9. How does Chamcha go about reclaiming his life after he returns to normal?

10. Describe how Gibreel and Chamcha fall from the wreckage of flight AI-420.

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