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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aeysha believe will happen on the way to Mecca?
(a) Mirza Saeed, the zamindar, will be converted.
(b) The waters of the Red Sea will part and they can walk across.
(c) Gibreel will give them food from heaven.
(d) The Archangel Gibreel will lead them all the way.

2. Where does Rosa tell Gibreel she went as a young bride?
(a) India
(b) Argentina
(c) The Caribbean
(d) Brazil

3. What occupation do Gibreel and Chamcha have in common?
(a) They are actors.
(b) They are religious clerics.
(c) The are writers.
(d) They are accountants.

4. Why does the Imam destroy clocks?
(a) He says God's time is timeless.
(b) Clocks are works of the Devil.
(c) The Empress Aeysha collects clocks.
(d) They remind him of how long he has been in exile.

5. How does Hind taunt Mahound?
(a) She tells him he is a poor lover.
(b) She says he can kill the Grandee and be her husband.
(c) She says he is acting out of craftiness.
(d) She calls Lat, Uzza, and Manat his new angels.

Short Answer Questions

1. What difficulty does Gibreel have in getting out of Rosa's house?

2. What is Gibreel wearing when he comes down Rosa's stairs to see what is going on?

3. How does Osman make his living?

4. What does Mishal tell her husband about the girl?

5. Who willed the rescue and who made it happen?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Chamcha bitter at his circumstances?

2. Explain what Hind tries to do but is prevented by Mahound.

3. Explain why the satirical character of Mahound becomes so offensive to Muslims.

4. Give some information about the exiled Imam.

5. Explain how the floods change the mining townspeople's minds about Aeysha.

6. Explain how business suddenly picks up at the brothel called The Curtain.

7. Describe how Gibreel and Chamcha find themselves as they wake up on land.

8. Why is Mirza Saeed so miserable?

9. What is the thing Chamcha must do that calls him away from the human chain protest?

10. What does Zeeny Vakil represent in the novel?

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