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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the butterflies?
(a) They stop changing colors.
(b) They suddenly vanish.
(c) They turn black.
(d) They form a circle around the pilgrims.

2. What happens as Aeysha walks toward the protesters trying to stop the pilgrims?
(a) Someone throws a stone at Aeysha.
(b) Aeysha grows as tall as a tree.
(c) It comes a downpour of rain.
(d) Lightning strikes the protest leader.

3. After the girls of The Curtain are jailed, what makes the men afraid?
(a) They had violated the laws of segregation of the sexes.
(b) They all knew the names of the girls.
(c) They do not know what may come into Mahound's mind.
(d) They had sworn an oath that they never went to The Curtain.

4. In his dream, what do the look-alike Hyacinths call Chamcha?
(a) An imposter
(b) A grade B actor
(c) An archangel
(d) Satan, the Goat

5. What two women begin to haunt Saladin's dreams?
(a) Mishal Sufyan and Zeeny Vakil
(b) Pamela and Hind
(c) Ussa and Manat
(d) Anahita and Nasreen

6. Who is Jumpy Joshi's star pupil at the martial arts academy?
(a) Robbie Williams
(b) Billy Battuta
(c) Anahita sufyan
(d) Mishal Sufyan

7. At the party, seeing London at Gibreel's feet, what happens to Chamcha?
(a) He is happy for his fellow Indian.
(b) He begins to feel ill.
(c) He gets lost in the crowd.
(d) He feels the return of hate.

8. What emotion becomes the undoing of Gibreel's and Allie's relationship?
(a) Allie's desire for excellence
(b) Gibreel's passion for cooking
(c) Gibreel's unjustified jealousy
(d) Allie's love of mountain climbing

9. What happens when Allie Cone looks at Saladin Chamcha?
(a) He falls madly in love with her.
(b) There is instant sexual tension.
(c) He sees that she is exactly like Pamela.
(d) He feels his hate for Gibreel transfer onto her.

10. How is Baal disguised by the madam of The Curtain brothel?
(a) He is dressed as a woman.
(b) He is painted white and stands like a statue.
(c) His skin and hair are dyed blue black like a djinn.
(d) He is plastered to look like a leper.

11. What assurance does Jumpy need to go into Pamela's bedroom?
(a) That Chamcha is out of town
(b) Permission from Chamcha
(c) A copy of Pamela's divorce papers
(d) That Chamcha will not see him

12. The Satanic verses, multiple marriages, and either old or very young wives are all points of disagreement between what two people?
(a) Baal and Hind
(b) Salman and Mahound
(c) Gibreel and Saladin
(d) Pamela and Allie

13. Now out of jail, what is Billy Battuta planning for Gibreel?
(a) A new temple
(b) A rock band tour
(c) An advertising campaign
(d) A movie comeback

14. Why does Saladin think there is no need for angels and demons?
(a) Neither of them a real.
(b) Men are demons and women are angels.
(c) Man is both demonic and angelic.
(d) He was no different as a demon.

15. What is Hind doing for two years after her seclusion?
(a) Writing books for women
(b) Planning her escape to Egypt
(c) Studying occult books
(d) Memorizing the Quran

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Aeysha agrees with the Imam?

2. What does Anahita call her parents' native land?

3. Where do Mishal, Hanif, and Pinkwalla take Chamcha after they leave the Hot Wax nightclub?

4. Who recognizes Aeysha in the village of Chatnapatna?

5. What conclusion do the miners reach when the great flood comes?

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