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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does business suddenly boom at The Curtain?
(a) Hind takes over the operation and brings in new girls.
(b) Mahound takes to coming there every day with his closest friends.
(c) The twelve whores assume the names of Mahound's twelve wives.
(d) former priestesses of Al-Lat come to join the whores of The Curtain.

2. What is the meaning of Uhuru Simba's name?
(a) Freedom for the Lion
(b) Honor of the Lion
(c) Black is Beautiful
(d) Africans for Freedom

3. What offer does Mirza Saeed make Aeysha as the people turn against her?
(a) To fly twenve of the pilgrims to Mecca.
(b) To order boats to take them across the sea.
(c) To bring in doctors to help the sick.
(d) To build her a new mosque in Titlipur.

4. What makes Saladin's return to his past life difficult?
(a) Gibreel
(b) Red tape
(c) Jumpy
(d) Amnesia

5. What sign is given Baal that Mahound is returning to Jahilia?
(a) Gibreel hovering overhead
(b) Cone Mountain shakes
(c) Butterflies all turn black
(d) A blood tear on the statue of Al-Lat

6. How does Anahita Sufyan apologize for calling Chamcha a freak?
(a) She says that he is not a freak, he just looks like one.
(b) She says that she did not mean freak, she meant Greek.
(c) She cries and gives him a kiss.
(d) She says it was wrong of her to speak.

7. Why do the villagers not turn back as they wade deeper and deeper into the sea?
(a) They have all been hypnotized by the angel.
(b) They think that only the open believers will not be harmed by the water.
(c) They have been drugged by Aeysha.
(d) They are too proud to return to scorn.

8. What does Gibreel shout out in John Maslama's music store?
(a) I am the Angel of Death!
(b) I am the right hand of God!
(c) I am the Defender of the Faith!
(d) I am the voice of the Prophet!

9. At the party, seeing London at Gibreel's feet, what happens to Chamcha?
(a) He gets lost in the crowd.
(b) He feels the return of hate.
(c) He is happy for his fellow Indian.
(d) He begins to feel ill.

10. When Mahound's Aeysha becomes jealous of his dalliances, what does he do?
(a) He tells her the lies whe wants to hear.
(b) He threatens to have her sent to work at The Curtain.
(c) He makes her walk naked through the city.
(d) He goes into a trance and quotes the Archangel giving him orders to have many women.

11. Why is Dr. Simba arrested?
(a) He is suspected of terrorism.
(b) He owes back taxes.
(c) He was standing at the wrong place in the wrong time.
(d) He is accused of being the Granny Ripper Murderer.

12. Why does Saladin think there is no need for angels and demons?
(a) Man is both demonic and angelic.
(b) Neither of them a real.
(c) He was no different as a demon.
(d) Men are demons and women are angels.

13. What halts progress on Gibreel's film?
(a) Billy cannot raise the money.
(b) The script is rejected and they have to start over.
(c) There is a fire on the sound stage.
(d) Billy and Mimi are arrested again in New York.

14. What decreases along with the disappearance of Chamcha's horns and hooves?
(a) His singing.
(b) His dreams.
(c) His desires.
(d) His animosity toward Gibreel.

15. What two women begin to haunt Saladin's dreams?
(a) Mishal Sufyan and Zeeny Vakil
(b) Anahita and Nasreen
(c) Ussa and Manat
(d) Pamela and Hind

Short Answer Questions

1. Who recognizes Aeysha in the village of Chatnapatna?

2. What spiteful thing does Saladin begin doing to Gibreel and Allie?

3. Who finally recognizes Baal at The Curtain?

4. What happens to the butterflies?

5. About what does Sufyan's wife, Hind, assume that her husband agrees with her?

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