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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Hind grows bolder, what is happening to Mahound?
(a) He is dying of a fatal sickness.
(b) He is visiting Gibreel every day.
(c) He is preparing to invade Egypt.
(d) He is planning a trip to Jerusalem.

2. What is Chamcha's dream from the old days?
(a) Teaching his son to ride a bicycle.
(b) Living in an ivory palace.
(c) Marrying a princess.
(d) Learning how to play the sitar.

3. What happens before Mahound will enter Jahilia?
(a) The Grandee is put to the sword.
(b) Khalid destroys the pagan temples.
(c) Hind comes begging for mercy.
(d) The water well is purified.

4. What does Jumpy Joshi think Chamcha, now transformed with horns and goat feet, needs to begin changing back into a man?
(a) A hot bowl of soup
(b) To find Gibreel and ask him to help
(c) A new love interest
(d) A new tailor

5. What decreases along with the disappearance of Chamcha's horns and hooves?
(a) His dreams.
(b) His singing.
(c) His desires.
(d) His animosity toward Gibreel.

6. What becomes an obsession with Mahound at Tathrib oasis?
(a) Food and feasts
(b) War and wealth
(c) Women and girls
(d) Law and rules

7. What spiteful thing does Saladin begin doing to Gibreel and Allie?
(a) Calling during the night but not saying anything.
(b) Letting the air out of their tires.
(c) Putting false insormation about them in the newspapers.
(d) Making anonymous calls suggesting that Allie is having an affair.

8. What must happen before a Prophet can die?
(a) He must sit facing the east and wait for death to come.
(b) He must be shown Paradise and make a choice of heaven or longer life.
(c) He must be purified with clean water and dressed in white linen.
(d) He must pass though the fires of hell.

9. What offer does Mirza Saeed make Aeysha as the people turn against her?
(a) To fly twenve of the pilgrims to Mecca.
(b) To bring in doctors to help the sick.
(c) To order boats to take them across the sea.
(d) To build her a new mosque in Titlipur.

10. On the radio in a taxi, who does Saladin hear speaking?
(a) Allie Cone
(b) Gibreel Farishta
(c) Winston churchill
(d) Eugene Dumsday

11. How is Baal disguised by the madam of The Curtain brothel?
(a) His skin and hair are dyed blue black like a djinn.
(b) He is dressed as a woman.
(c) He is painted white and stands like a statue.
(d) He is plastered to look like a leper.

12. What do all the people accept as a miracle after the rains stop?
(a) No one has been harmed in the flood.
(b) The sun immediately dries the land.
(c) The butterflies return.
(d) Aeysha's sari turns to gold.

13. About what does Sufyan's wife, Hind, assume that her husband agrees with her?
(a) That sex is a dirty business
(b) That Chamcha is Shaitan himself
(c) That Chamcha is a freak
(d) That their daughters should not see Chamcha

14. What does the Grandee do when Mahound and his followers arrive?
(a) He runs away to live in exile.
(b) He hides under Hind's bed.
(c) He surrenders the city and embrases the faith.
(d) He falls on his own sword and dies.

15. The Satanic verses, multiple marriages, and either old or very young wives are all points of disagreement between what two people?
(a) Salman and Mahound
(b) Gibreel and Saladin
(c) Pamela and Allie
(d) Baal and Hind

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hind doing for two years after her seclusion?

2. What halts progress on Gibreel's film?

3. What assurance does Jumpy need to go into Pamela's bedroom?

4. What are Mahound's last words to Baal?

5. When Mahound's Aeysha becomes jealous of his dalliances, what does he do?

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