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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Dr. Simba arrested?
(a) He owes back taxes.
(b) He is suspected of terrorism.
(c) He is accused of being the Granny Ripper Murderer.
(d) He was standing at the wrong place in the wrong time.

2. What happens as Aeysha walks toward the protesters trying to stop the pilgrims?
(a) Someone throws a stone at Aeysha.
(b) It comes a downpour of rain.
(c) Lightning strikes the protest leader.
(d) Aeysha grows as tall as a tree.

3. What decreases along with the disappearance of Chamcha's horns and hooves?
(a) His singing.
(b) His desires.
(c) His animosity toward Gibreel.
(d) His dreams.

4. What offer does Mirza Saeed make Aeysha as the people turn against her?
(a) To fly twenve of the pilgrims to Mecca.
(b) To order boats to take them across the sea.
(c) To bring in doctors to help the sick.
(d) To build her a new mosque in Titlipur.

5. What spiteful thing does Saladin begin doing to Gibreel and Allie?
(a) Making anonymous calls suggesting that Allie is having an affair.
(b) Putting false insormation about them in the newspapers.
(c) Calling during the night but not saying anything.
(d) Letting the air out of their tires.

6. What was the tragedy of the flood?
(a) The crops were all destroyed.
(b) Most of the children had drowned.
(c) All the houses were flattened.
(d) Fifteen thousand miners were buried alive in the mines.

7. How does Chamcha appear as he stands among the wreckage of the Hot Wax nightclub?
(a) His goat feet are bigger than ever.
(b) He is back to normal.
(c) His face is all black.
(d) His horns have growqn three feet.

8. What sign is given Baal that Mahound is returning to Jahilia?
(a) Cone Mountain shakes
(b) A blood tear on the statue of Al-Lat
(c) Butterflies all turn black
(d) Gibreel hovering overhead

9. Who hits Jumpy over the head with an oar?
(a) Gibreel
(b) Saladin
(c) Mimi
(d) Pamela

10. Who finally recognizes Baal at The Curtain?
(a) Mahound
(b) Khalid
(c) Salman
(d) Abu Simbel

11. How does Salman test Mahound?
(a) He alters the words Mahound gives him to write, but Mahound never notices.
(b) He puts meaningless words into the writing and Mahound thinks Gibreel put them there.
(c) He makes up new rules, writes them down, and Mahound thinks he did it himself.
(d) He slips pork into Mahound's beef stew but nothing happens.

12. What happens to the butterflies?
(a) They stop changing colors.
(b) They turn black.
(c) They form a circle around the pilgrims.
(d) They suddenly vanish.

13. In his dream, what do the look-alike Hyacinths call Chamcha?
(a) A grade B actor
(b) An archangel
(c) Satan, the Goat
(d) An imposter

14. How does Allie become very successful?
(a) Going on talk show to talk about Gibreel.
(b) Marketing her line of sports clothing for women.
(c) She makes three movies back to back.
(d) Writing a book about Gibreel, the man who fell to earth.

15. As Hind grows bolder, what is happening to Mahound?
(a) He is visiting Gibreel every day.
(b) He is dying of a fatal sickness.
(c) He is preparing to invade Egypt.
(d) He is planning a trip to Jerusalem.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Mishal, Hanif, and Pinkwalla take Chamcha after they leave the Hot Wax nightclub?

2. How does Hind save her life?

3. What does Srinivas, the toy merchant, see coming toward him?

4. What are Mahound's last words to Baal?

5. What has Hind upset at the Shaandaar Bed and Breakfast?

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