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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mirza Saeed meet his death?
(a) He dies of starvation at home, dreaming of going under the sea.
(b) He commits suicide after returning to an empty house.
(c) He suffers a fatal heart attack on the long trip back to Titilipur.
(d) He is killed by the villagers who remained in Titlipur.

2. What is Chamcha's dream from the old days?
(a) Teaching his son to ride a bicycle.
(b) Learning how to play the sitar.
(c) Living in an ivory palace.
(d) Marrying a princess.

3. Angry at Saeed, Ayesha says that those who listen to the devil's verses will go to the devil. What does Mirza Saeed answer?
(a) It is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.
(b) Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.
(c) At least with the devil, you're dry.
(d) How do we know you're not the devil?

4. What does Gibreel shout out in John Maslama's music store?
(a) I am the voice of the Prophet!
(b) I am the Angel of Death!
(c) I am the right hand of God!
(d) I am the Defender of the Faith!

5. What does the Grandee do when Mahound and his followers arrive?
(a) He surrenders the city and embrases the faith.
(b) He hides under Hind's bed.
(c) He runs away to live in exile.
(d) He falls on his own sword and dies.

6. What decreases along with the disappearance of Chamcha's horns and hooves?
(a) His dreams.
(b) His singing.
(c) His desires.
(d) His animosity toward Gibreel.

7. What does Jumpy Joshi think Chamcha, now transformed with horns and goat feet, needs to begin changing back into a man?
(a) To find Gibreel and ask him to help
(b) A new love interest
(c) A new tailor
(d) A hot bowl of soup

8. Why do the villagers not turn back as they wade deeper and deeper into the sea?
(a) They have been drugged by Aeysha.
(b) They think that only the open believers will not be harmed by the water.
(c) They have all been hypnotized by the angel.
(d) They are too proud to return to scorn.

9. What is the meaning of Uhuru Simba's name?
(a) Freedom for the Lion
(b) Honor of the Lion
(c) Black is Beautiful
(d) Africans for Freedom

10. How does Salman test Mahound?
(a) He makes up new rules, writes them down, and Mahound thinks he did it himself.
(b) He alters the words Mahound gives him to write, but Mahound never notices.
(c) He slips pork into Mahound's beef stew but nothing happens.
(d) He puts meaningless words into the writing and Mahound thinks Gibreel put them there.

11. Who throws a party on a giant sound stage at Shepperton Studios?
(a) Gibreel Farishta
(b) Eugene Dumsday
(c) S. S. Sisodia
(d) Pamela Lovelace

12. What happens when Aeysha agrees with the Imam?
(a) Mishal asks for the baby.
(b) The baby is stoned to death.
(c) The people turn against the Imam and Aeysha.
(d) Mirza Saeed snatches the baby out of the Iman's arms.

13. What activity is occupying Pamela's time?
(a) Writing a novel about her experience with Chamcha.
(b) Holding seances to speak with the dea.
(c) Investigating allegations of witchcraft among the police.
(d) Learning to climb mountains.

14. What emotion becomes the undoing of Gibreel's and Allie's relationship?
(a) Gibreel's unjustified jealousy
(b) Allie's desire for excellence
(c) Gibreel's passion for cooking
(d) Allie's love of mountain climbing

15. After the girls of The Curtain are jailed, what makes the men afraid?
(a) They had violated the laws of segregation of the sexes.
(b) They had sworn an oath that they never went to The Curtain.
(c) They do not know what may come into Mahound's mind.
(d) They all knew the names of the girls.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Saladin think there is no need for angels and demons?

2. When Mahound's Aeysha becomes jealous of his dalliances, what does he do?

3. What happens to the butterflies?

4. Where do Mishal, Hanif, and Pinkwalla take Chamcha after they leave the Hot Wax nightclub?

5. What does Srinivas realize about Aeysha?

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