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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the butterflies?
(a) They stop changing colors.
(b) They suddenly vanish.
(c) They turn black.
(d) They form a circle around the pilgrims.

2. Who recognizes Aeysha in the village of Chatnapatna?
(a) The Vishna Hindu Parishad
(b) Lakshmi
(c) Mrs. Qureishi
(d) The Station Head Officer

3. In his dream, what do the look-alike Hyacinths call Chamcha?
(a) An imposter
(b) Satan, the Goat
(c) An archangel
(d) A grade B actor

4. What happens to Billy Battuta and Mimi in New York?
(a) They are denied a visa.
(b) They are arrested for passing a bad check.
(c) The are accused of spying by the FBI.
(d) They are suspected of being terrorists.

5. What does Chamcha do in his apartment?
(a) Make phone calls.
(b) Kill Pamela.
(c) Watch TV.
(d) Break up the furniture.

6. What happens to the wife of Sarpanch Muhammad Din, an old woman on the march?
(a) She starts collecting butterflies.
(b) She becomes young again.
(c) She dies.
(d) She kisses Gibreel.

7. What decreases along with the disappearance of Chamcha's horns and hooves?
(a) His singing.
(b) His animosity toward Gibreel.
(c) His dreams.
(d) His desires.

8. What do all the people accept as a miracle after the rains stop?
(a) The sun immediately dries the land.
(b) Aeysha's sari turns to gold.
(c) The butterflies return.
(d) No one has been harmed in the flood.

9. At the party, seeing London at Gibreel's feet, what happens to Chamcha?
(a) He gets lost in the crowd.
(b) He feels the return of hate.
(c) He is happy for his fellow Indian.
(d) He begins to feel ill.

10. What was the tragedy of the flood?
(a) The crops were all destroyed.
(b) Fifteen thousand miners were buried alive in the mines.
(c) All the houses were flattened.
(d) Most of the children had drowned.

11. Who hits Jumpy over the head with an oar?
(a) Pamela
(b) Mimi
(c) Saladin
(d) Gibreel

12. As Hind grows bolder, what is happening to Mahound?
(a) He is planning a trip to Jerusalem.
(b) He is dying of a fatal sickness.
(c) He is preparing to invade Egypt.
(d) He is visiting Gibreel every day.

13. How does Anahita Sufyan apologize for calling Chamcha a freak?
(a) She cries and gives him a kiss.
(b) She says that she did not mean freak, she meant Greek.
(c) She says that he is not a freak, he just looks like one.
(d) She says it was wrong of her to speak.

14. How does Salman test Mahound?
(a) He slips pork into Mahound's beef stew but nothing happens.
(b) He alters the words Mahound gives him to write, but Mahound never notices.
(c) He makes up new rules, writes them down, and Mahound thinks he did it himself.
(d) He puts meaningless words into the writing and Mahound thinks Gibreel put them there.

15. Why does Saladin think there is no need for angels and demons?
(a) He was no different as a demon.
(b) Men are demons and women are angels.
(c) Neither of them a real.
(d) Man is both demonic and angelic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes an obsession with Mahound at Tathrib oasis?

2. What does Anahita call her parents' native land?

3. How does Hind save her life?

4. How does Mirza Saeed meet his death?

5. What emotion becomes the undoing of Gibreel's and Allie's relationship?

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