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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anahita call her parents' native land?
(a) Bungleditch
(b) Scandal Point
(c) Swindlia
(d) Hindu Hills

2. What sign is given Baal that Mahound is returning to Jahilia?
(a) Butterflies all turn black
(b) Gibreel hovering overhead
(c) A blood tear on the statue of Al-Lat
(d) Cone Mountain shakes

3. How does Hind save her life?
(a) Veiled, she kisses Mahound's foot and says the words of Submission.
(b) He agrees to have Mahound sleep in her bed.
(c) She becomes Mahound's wife.
(d) She disguises herself as a peasant.

4. What was the tragedy of the flood?
(a) Most of the children had drowned.
(b) Fifteen thousand miners were buried alive in the mines.
(c) All the houses were flattened.
(d) The crops were all destroyed.

5. What does Chamcha do in his apartment?
(a) Break up the furniture.
(b) Make phone calls.
(c) Kill Pamela.
(d) Watch TV.

6. What happens to the butterflies?
(a) They suddenly vanish.
(b) They turn black.
(c) They form a circle around the pilgrims.
(d) They stop changing colors.

7. After the girls of The Curtain are jailed, what makes the men afraid?
(a) They all knew the names of the girls.
(b) They do not know what may come into Mahound's mind.
(c) They had sworn an oath that they never went to The Curtain.
(d) They had violated the laws of segregation of the sexes.

8. What are Mahound's last words to Baal?
(a) Today you will meet Shaitan.
(b) I see no difference between whores and writers.
(c) Submit and save your miserable life.
(d) You cannot blaspheme after your head is cut off.

9. What halts progress on Gibreel's film?
(a) Billy and Mimi are arrested again in New York.
(b) The script is rejected and they have to start over.
(c) There is a fire on the sound stage.
(d) Billy cannot raise the money.

10. What has Hind upset at the Shaandaar Bed and Breakfast?
(a) She sees Hanif Johnson coming out of her daughter's, Mishal's, room.
(b) She hears Chamcha clomping around on his goat feet.
(c) She learns that chamcha has lost his job.
(d) She catches her husband with Mimi.

11. How does Anahita Sufyan apologize for calling Chamcha a freak?
(a) She cries and gives him a kiss.
(b) She says that he is not a freak, he just looks like one.
(c) She says that she did not mean freak, she meant Greek.
(d) She says it was wrong of her to speak.

12. What must happen before a Prophet can die?
(a) He must be purified with clean water and dressed in white linen.
(b) He must pass though the fires of hell.
(c) He must be shown Paradise and make a choice of heaven or longer life.
(d) He must sit facing the east and wait for death to come.

13. What spiteful thing does Saladin begin doing to Gibreel and Allie?
(a) Calling during the night but not saying anything.
(b) Making anonymous calls suggesting that Allie is having an affair.
(c) Putting false insormation about them in the newspapers.
(d) Letting the air out of their tires.

14. What causes the rumor that Hind is using witchcraft?
(a) She starts collecting brooms and caldrons.
(b) She is always accompanied by a black cat.
(c) She does not appear to age.
(d) She dresses all in black.

15. What does Alicja Cone say to Allie about Gibreel?
(a) He is a con artist.
(b) He will be too famous.
(c) He is not in your league.
(d) He probably never made a movie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes an obsession with Mahound at Tathrib oasis?

2. What does Gibreel shout out in John Maslama's music store?

3. Who is Jumpy Joshi's star pupil at the martial arts academy?

4. Now out of jail, what is Billy Battuta planning for Gibreel?

5. Why do the villagers not turn back as they wade deeper and deeper into the sea?

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