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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Hind grows bolder, what is happening to Mahound?
(a) He is dying of a fatal sickness.
(b) He is planning a trip to Jerusalem.
(c) He is preparing to invade Egypt.
(d) He is visiting Gibreel every day.

2. What is Chamcha's dream from the old days?
(a) Living in an ivory palace.
(b) Marrying a princess.
(c) Learning how to play the sitar.
(d) Teaching his son to ride a bicycle.

3. How does Anahita Sufyan apologize for calling Chamcha a freak?
(a) She says it was wrong of her to speak.
(b) She says that she did not mean freak, she meant Greek.
(c) She cries and gives him a kiss.
(d) She says that he is not a freak, he just looks like one.

4. How does business suddenly boom at The Curtain?
(a) Mahound takes to coming there every day with his closest friends.
(b) Hind takes over the operation and brings in new girls.
(c) former priestesses of Al-Lat come to join the whores of The Curtain.
(d) The twelve whores assume the names of Mahound's twelve wives.

5. At the party, seeing London at Gibreel's feet, what happens to Chamcha?
(a) He gets lost in the crowd.
(b) He feels the return of hate.
(c) He begins to feel ill.
(d) He is happy for his fellow Indian.

6. Who hits Jumpy over the head with an oar?
(a) Gibreel
(b) Pamela
(c) Saladin
(d) Mimi

7. What happens to Billy Battuta and Mimi in New York?
(a) They are arrested for passing a bad check.
(b) They are denied a visa.
(c) The are accused of spying by the FBI.
(d) They are suspected of being terrorists.

8. What are Mahound's last words to Baal?
(a) I see no difference between whores and writers.
(b) Submit and save your miserable life.
(c) Today you will meet Shaitan.
(d) You cannot blaspheme after your head is cut off.

9. What causes the rumor that Hind is using witchcraft?
(a) She starts collecting brooms and caldrons.
(b) She dresses all in black.
(c) She is always accompanied by a black cat.
(d) She does not appear to age.

10. What is Hind doing for two years after her seclusion?
(a) Planning her escape to Egypt
(b) Studying occult books
(c) Memorizing the Quran
(d) Writing books for women

11. Now out of jail, what is Billy Battuta planning for Gibreel?
(a) An advertising campaign
(b) A new temple
(c) A rock band tour
(d) A movie comeback

12. Although Sufyan and Hind now live in a four-storey terraced house, what does she long for?
(a) A smaller house, easier to keep clean.
(b) The humble teacher's flat in Dhaka.
(c) A cottage in Ireland.
(d) The village life in Bangladesh.

13. What offer does Mirza Saeed make Aeysha as the people turn against her?
(a) To order boats to take them across the sea.
(b) To build her a new mosque in Titlipur.
(c) To fly twenve of the pilgrims to Mecca.
(d) To bring in doctors to help the sick.

14. In his dream, what do the look-alike Hyacinths call Chamcha?
(a) A grade B actor
(b) Satan, the Goat
(c) An imposter
(d) An archangel

15. How does Hind save her life?
(a) She disguises herself as a peasant.
(b) She becomes Mahound's wife.
(c) He agrees to have Mahound sleep in her bed.
(d) Veiled, she kisses Mahound's foot and says the words of Submission.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chamcha do in his apartment?

2. What emotion becomes the undoing of Gibreel's and Allie's relationship?

3. Why does Saladin think there is no need for angels and demons?

4. What happens as Aeysha walks toward the protesters trying to stop the pilgrims?

5. About what does Sufyan's wife, Hind, assume that her husband agrees with her?

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