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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Seeing the image, what does Gibreel want to know from Saladin?
(a) If he can see it also
(b) If he can help him get rid of it
(c) If he is seeing anything at all
(d) If he can hear the conversation

2. Why is Saladin covered with a thin sheet of ice?
(a) He broke the ice.
(b) He is perspiring.
(c) He landed in the water.
(d) He is crying.

3. In his dream, what is the new name his mother gives him?
(a) Changez Two
(b) Mahound
(c) Shaitan
(d) Salahuddin

4. What does Gibreel feel is holding him at Rosa's house?
(a) Her stories.
(b) Her strong personality.
(c) Her black magic.
(d) Her pitiful condition.

5. What is Aeysha's affliction?
(a) She has leporsy.
(b) She has cancer.
(c) She has epilepsy.
(d) She is barren.

6. What is Gibreel doing that slows down their descent?
(a) Flapping his arms
(b) Holding onto a pelican
(c) Swimming in air
(d) Using his jacket as a parachutte

7. Why do the people reject Mirza Saeed's offer to build liters for them to ride in to Mecca?
(a) Because they cannot accept anything from an unbeliever
(b) Because Aeysha forbids it
(c) Because the Archangel said they were to walk
(d) Because there is not enough time to build them

8. How does Hind say he got there?
(a) She seduced him with liquour.
(b) She drugged him and brought him home.
(c) She had him arrested and brought to her.
(d) She found him unconscious in the street.

9. How does Osman explain to the villager that Aeysha disappeared without his seeing where she went.
(a) He says she sent him on an errand and was gone when he returned.
(b) He says she left in the middle of the night.
(c) He says a wind blew dust in his eyes.
(d) He says she gave him something to make him sleep.

10. What occurs in Gibreel's dream as Mahound returns to the mountain?
(a) He talks to God who tells him what to say.
(b) He changes Mahound into a donkey.
(c) Mahound tries to kill him.
(d) He and Mahound are wrestling naked.

11. What happens between Rosa and Gibreel in a dream?
(a) They drift above the clouds.
(b) They make love.
(c) They are transported to Argentina.
(d) They ride horses on the beach.

12. What is Gibreel wearing when he comes down Rosa's stairs to see what is going on?
(a) A bathrobe and fuzzy slippers
(b) A white tuxedo
(c) A white bed sheet
(d) A maroon smoking jacket and jodhpurs

13. Where does Mahound go after he leaves Hind's chambers?
(a) To his seventy year old wife.
(b) Back up Mount Cone.
(c) To find his uncle.
(d) To get a drink from the well of Zamzam.

14. What cliche does Abu Simbel believe is not true?
(a) A stitch in time saves nine
(b) Love is neverhaving to say you're sorry
(c) A penny saved is a penny earned
(d) The pen is mightier than the sword

15. What is beside Gibreel's ear when he wakes up on the beach?
(a) A piece of the plane
(b) A starfish
(c) Chamcha's shoe
(d) An octopus

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Saladin think the old woman with the cane is?

2. Who willed the rescue and who made it happen?

3. Why does Rosa Diamond rush for her hat, cloak, and stick?

4. What follows the repudiation of the goddesses?

5. What is Rosa's response when Gibreel asks if she noticed Chamcha's horns?

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