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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the previous untouchable who guards Aeysha's hut?
(a) Mahmood
(b) Slaldin
(c) Gibreel
(d) Osman

2. After the phone call, who arrives at Rosa's house?
(a) The TV stations send out their camera crews.
(b) The airline representative comes to interview Rosa.
(c) The police come to arrest Saladin.
(d) The mayor of London comes to see Gibreel.

3. What does Saladin dream about in Rosa's house?
(a) Zeeny Vakil as a mermaid
(b) Falling out of the sky
(c) Gibreel sprouting wings
(d) Curled horns growing out his head

4. What is Saladin Chamcha's reaction to waking up on the beach?
(a) He slaps Gibreel.
(b) He starts to cry.
(c) He sits up and rubs his eyes.
(d) He laughs hysterically.

5. What does Inspector Lime refuse to admit he saw when he looked up at Gibreel?
(a) Three sets of arms
(b) An elephant head
(c) Golden eyes
(d) A halo

6. Where does Mahound go after he leaves Hind's chambers?
(a) To his seventy year old wife.
(b) Back up Mount Cone.
(c) To find his uncle.
(d) To get a drink from the well of Zamzam.

7. What is under Saladin's bowler hat?
(a) Gray hair
(b) Two lumps growing out his temples
(c) His airplane ticket
(d) A starfish

8. What mischievous thing is Gibreel doing in his dream?
(a) Throwing water on passing strangers
(b) Inviting untouchables to dinner
(c) Drawing graffiti on the walls
(d) Putting Muslim meat in Hindu tiffins

9. Who is the antagonist of the Imam, Mahmood?
(a) Rosa Diamond
(b) Saladin Chamcha
(c) The angel Gibreel
(d) The Empress Aeysha

10. What happens when he finally calls Pamela to let her know he's alive?
(a) The phone has been disconnected.
(b) A man answers.
(c) She faints.
(d) Pamela hangs up on him.

11. Who willed the rescue and who made it happen?
(a) Farishta willed ti and Chamcha made it happen.
(b) Farishta willed it and also made it happen.
(c) Chamcha willed it and Farishta made it happen.
(d) God willed it and an angel made it happen.

12. What is Saladin's explanation for their survival?
(a) That it is all a dream
(b) That it was nothing out of the ordinary
(c) That God was with them
(d) That they were lucky

13. What does Mahound now believe about the verses accepting the goddesses?
(a) They were in a language he really did not understand.
(b) They were in cryptic form where one thing means another.
(c) They were from Shaitan and not Gibreel.
(d) They were a test of his understanding.

14. What do Rosa and Gibreel see running down the beach at night?
(a) Horses
(b) An ostrich
(c) Saladin
(d) A bull

15. Why are Mahound's followers worried after he goes to see the Grandee?
(a) He is gone a long time and has not returned.
(b) He may be planning to kill the Grandee.
(c) He is likely to compromise with the Grandee.
(d) He may fall into the clutches of Hind.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mirza's doubt about sending Mishal back to the purdah?

2. What follows the repudiation of the goddesses?

3. What does Chamcha order Gibreel to do?

4. Where does Rosa tell Gibreel she went as a young bride?

5. In his dream, what is the new name his mother gives him?

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