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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hamza do that causes Hind to set her mind on revenge?
(a) He kills two of her brothers.
(b) He destroys a statue to Lat.
(c) He sets fire to the temple of Uzza.
(d) He rapes her.

2. What does Bilal, an American convert, do for the Imam?
(a) He guards the Imam's door.
(b) He sings the Imam's songs on his radio broadcast.
(c) He provides water for the Imam.
(d) He writes satires for the Imam.

3. How does Gibreel finally manage to pin Mahound down in the wrestling match?
(a) It is what Mahound wants.
(b) Gibreel strikes Mahound blind.
(c) The afreet come and help him.
(d) Mahound gets sleepy.

4. What is Saladin holding up when he appears in Rosa's hallway?
(a) His driver's license
(b) His pajamas with the missing button
(c) A golf club
(d) His bowler hat

5. What is the flight number that blows up with Gibreel and Chamcha aboard?
(a) PanAm 108
(b) AA 135
(c) AI-420
(d) AI1-440

6. Upon her return, what does Aeysha say the people of Titlipur must do?
(a) Give up eating meat.
(b) Learn to call the butterflies.
(c) Go on a pilgrimage to Mecca to kiss the Ka'aba.
(d) Memorize the entire Quran

7. What is Gibreel doing as he falls through the air?
(a) Trying to fly
(b) Singing
(c) Laughing
(d) Screaming

8. Where are Gibreel and Chamcha found?
(a) Sitting on a hill
(b) Walking to London
(c) Washed up on the shore
(d) Running down a lane

9. What is Khalid's explanation for the Satanic verses?
(a) That Mahound was forced to say good things about Lat.
(b) That Mahound was under the influence of Hind's drugs.
(c) That Mahound had brought the devil so they could recongize him.
(d) That Mahound was testing their loyalty.

10. What mischievous thing is Gibreel doing in his dream?
(a) Drawing graffiti on the walls
(b) Putting Muslim meat in Hindu tiffins
(c) Throwing water on passing strangers
(d) Inviting untouchables to dinner

11. What does ellowen deeowen stand for?

12. Why do the people reject Mirza Saeed's offer to build liters for them to ride in to Mecca?
(a) Because the Archangel said they were to walk
(b) Because there is not enough time to build them
(c) Because they cannot accept anything from an unbeliever
(d) Because Aeysha forbids it

13. What does Gibreel call Chamcha?
(a) Spoono
(b) Salado
(c) Chico
(d) Chacho

14. Who willed the rescue and who made it happen?
(a) Farishta willed ti and Chamcha made it happen.
(b) God willed it and an angel made it happen.
(c) Farishta willed it and also made it happen.
(d) Chamcha willed it and Farishta made it happen.

15. What do Rosa and Gibreel see running down the beach at night?
(a) Saladin
(b) An ostrich
(c) A bull
(d) Horses

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Grandee, Abu Simbel, want from the satirist Baal?

2. Why do the police come for Saladin?

3. Who comes to Hagar to show her the waters of Zamzam?

4. What is the name of the jumbo jet that explodes?

5. What does Abu Simbel want from Mahound?

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