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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fills the zamindar, Mirza Saeed Akhtar, with lust as he stands on the veranda of his house?
(a) A girl who is eating on his lawn and attracting the chameleon butterflies
(b) His wife, Mishal, taking her morning bath in the fountain
(c) The ghost of Rekha dancing on his lawn
(d) The Empress Hind doing a sensual dance

2. How does Osman explain to the villager that Aeysha disappeared without his seeing where she went.
(a) He says she sent him on an errand and was gone when he returned.
(b) He says a wind blew dust in his eyes.
(c) He says she left in the middle of the night.
(d) He says she gave him something to make him sleep.

3. Why does Hamza insist that Mahound return to the mountain?
(a) To see if he was talking to Shaitan instead of Gibreel
(b) To get the truth from the Archangel
(c) To argue with Allah
(d) To straighten himself out

4. To what does Rushdie compare the explosion of the jet?
(a) The big bang
(b) The Challenger
(c) TheTitanic
(d) The A-bomb

5. What verses does Mahound receive in meeting with Gibreel?
(a) Verses to answer Baal's satires
(b) The Satanic verses, accepting Lat, Uzza, and Manat
(c) The Archangel Verses direct from Allah
(d) The verses condemning Abu Simbel and hind

6. What mischievous thing is Gibreel doing in his dream?
(a) Putting Muslim meat in Hindu tiffins
(b) Inviting untouchables to dinner
(c) Drawing graffiti on the walls
(d) Throwing water on passing strangers

7. What does Aeysha believe will happen on the way to Mecca?
(a) The Archangel Gibreel will lead them all the way.
(b) Mirza Saeed, the zamindar, will be converted.
(c) Gibreel will give them food from heaven.
(d) The waters of the Red Sea will part and they can walk across.

8. What does Bilal, an American convert, do for the Imam?
(a) He writes satires for the Imam.
(b) He sings the Imam's songs on his radio broadcast.
(c) He guards the Imam's door.
(d) He provides water for the Imam.

9. What does Mahound now believe about the verses accepting the goddesses?
(a) They were in cryptic form where one thing means another.
(b) They were a test of his understanding.
(c) They were from Shaitan and not Gibreel.
(d) They were in a language he really did not understand.

10. What does Chamcha order Gibreel to do?
(a) Hold his hand
(b) Fly and sing
(c) Dive to his death
(d) Shut up and pray

11. What is impossible for Gibreel and Chamcha to do, yet they do?
(a) Hear each other
(b) Slow down their descent
(c) Fly like a kite
(d) Jump over each others

12. What do Rosa and Gibreel see running down the beach at night?
(a) A bull
(b) Horses
(c) An ostrich
(d) Saladin

13. Where are Gibreel and Chamcha found?
(a) Washed up on the shore
(b) Sitting on a hill
(c) Walking to London
(d) Running down a lane

14. What does Gibreel say when he wakes up?
(a) Who am I?
(b) Born again.
(c) Did you see that?
(d) Where are we?

15. Who does Gibreel see on his way down to earth?
(a) His step mother on a broomstick
(b) Allileua Cone in a balloon
(c) God looking down from Heaven
(d) Rekha Merchant on a flying carpet

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hamza's objection to accepting Lat, Uzza, and Manat as equal with Allah?

2. Where is Gibreel planning to go in London?

3. What is Mirza's doubt about sending Mishal back to the purdah?

4. What does Gibreel feel is holding him at Rosa's house?

5. why do Gibreel and Rosa go into the village to buy a cake and champagne?

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