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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gibreel finally manage to pin Mahound down in the wrestling match?
(a) Mahound gets sleepy.
(b) The afreet come and help him.
(c) Gibreel strikes Mahound blind.
(d) It is what Mahound wants.

2. What is Saladin's explanation for their survival?
(a) That it was nothing out of the ordinary
(b) That it is all a dream
(c) That they were lucky
(d) That God was with them

3. What is Khalid's explanation for the Satanic verses?
(a) That Mahound was forced to say good things about Lat.
(b) That Mahound was testing their loyalty.
(c) That Mahound had brought the devil so they could recongize him.
(d) That Mahound was under the influence of Hind's drugs.

4. What does the Grandee, Abu Simbel, want from the satirist Baal?
(a) For him to stop visiting his wife, Hind
(b) To withdraw from the poetry contest
(c) Some satirical poetry making fun of Mahound
(d) A peom dedicated to the Grandee

5. Upon her return, what does Aeysha say the people of Titlipur must do?
(a) Go on a pilgrimage to Mecca to kiss the Ka'aba.
(b) Give up eating meat.
(c) Memorize the entire Quran
(d) Learn to call the butterflies.

6. What follows the repudiation of the goddesses?
(a) A blood bath that kills all of Mahound's followers
(b) Hamza is arrested and stoned to death.
(c) A policy of persecution against Mahound's followers
(d) Hind forgives him and takes him to her bed.

7. Why does the Imam destroy clocks?
(a) He says God's time is timeless.
(b) They remind him of how long he has been in exile.
(c) Clocks are works of the Devil.
(d) The Empress Aeysha collects clocks.

8. How does Hind say he got there?
(a) She found him unconscious in the street.
(b) She had him arrested and brought to her.
(c) She seduced him with liquour.
(d) She drugged him and brought him home.

9. After the phone call, who arrives at Rosa's house?
(a) The mayor of London comes to see Gibreel.
(b) The police come to arrest Saladin.
(c) The TV stations send out their camera crews.
(d) The airline representative comes to interview Rosa.

10. What blasphemous thing does Mirza say to Aeysha?
(a) God has no prophet.
(b) You are the mother of all liars.
(c) There is no God.
(d) Your Archangel is Shaitan.

11. What is beside Gibreel's ear when he wakes up on the beach?
(a) Chamcha's shoe
(b) A piece of the plane
(c) An octopus
(d) A starfish

12. Who does Gibreel see on his way down to earth?
(a) Allileua Cone in a balloon
(b) His step mother on a broomstick
(c) God looking down from Heaven
(d) Rekha Merchant on a flying carpet

13. Who comes to Hagar to show her the waters of Zamzam?
(a) Shaitan
(b) Gibreel as the Archangel
(c) Ibrahim
(d) A camel

14. What occurs in Gibreel's dream as Mahound returns to the mountain?
(a) Mahound tries to kill him.
(b) He and Mahound are wrestling naked.
(c) He talks to God who tells him what to say.
(d) He changes Mahound into a donkey.

15. What does Chamcha order Gibreel to do?
(a) Shut up and pray
(b) Dive to his death
(c) Fly and sing
(d) Hold his hand

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mirza's doubt about sending Mishal back to the purdah?

2. How does Osman make his living?

3. What has Rekha forgotten now that she is dead?

4. Who thinks it is a miracle that they are alive?

5. Seeing the image, what does Gibreel want to know from Saladin?

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