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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gibreel doing that slows down their descent?
(a) Holding onto a pelican
(b) Swimming in air
(c) Using his jacket as a parachutte
(d) Flapping his arms

2. What does Hamza do that causes Hind to set her mind on revenge?
(a) He rapes her.
(b) He sets fire to the temple of Uzza.
(c) He kills two of her brothers.
(d) He destroys a statue to Lat.

3. How does Hind taunt Mahound?
(a) She tells him he is a poor lover.
(b) She says he can kill the Grandee and be her husband.
(c) She says he is acting out of craftiness.
(d) She calls Lat, Uzza, and Manat his new angels.

4. What is Rosa's response when Gibreel asks if she noticed Chamcha's horns?
(a) She says that horns are the fashion now.
(b) she says she did not.
(c) She looks surprised and nods her head.
(d) Nothing, she goes deaf.

5. Who is the antagonist of the Imam, Mahmood?
(a) The Empress Aeysha
(b) Rosa Diamond
(c) Saladin Chamcha
(d) The angel Gibreel

6. What proof do the police offer that Saladin is the man they are looking for?
(a) His breath smells of death.
(b) His eyes glow red.
(c) He has no proper identification.
(d) His lumps have grown into sharp horns.

7. Why is Saladin covered with a thin sheet of ice?
(a) He is perspiring.
(b) He landed in the water.
(c) He is crying.
(d) He broke the ice.

8. What does the specter of Dr. Babington say as he fades into the moonlight?
(a) Whatever the english bring with them, they always take away.
(b) Wherever the English go, death is not far behind.
(c) Whatever the English think, there are better cultures.
(d) Wherever the English settle, they never leave England.

9. Where does Mahound go after he leaves Hind's chambers?
(a) To his seventy year old wife.
(b) Back up Mount Cone.
(c) To find his uncle.
(d) To get a drink from the well of Zamzam.

10. What fills the zamindar, Mirza Saeed Akhtar, with lust as he stands on the veranda of his house?
(a) His wife, Mishal, taking her morning bath in the fountain
(b) A girl who is eating on his lawn and attracting the chameleon butterflies
(c) The ghost of Rekha dancing on his lawn
(d) The Empress Hind doing a sensual dance

11. What news does the Archangel give Aeysha about her friend Mishal?
(a) That she will have triplets
(b) That she will have children by another man after Mirza dies
(c) That she is dying with cancer
(d) That she has been chosen by Saladin

12. Why are Mahound's followers worried after he goes to see the Grandee?
(a) He may be planning to kill the Grandee.
(b) He may fall into the clutches of Hind.
(c) He is likely to compromise with the Grandee.
(d) He is gone a long time and has not returned.

13. What is the name of the jumbo jet that explodes?
(a) Bambi
(b) Bastian
(c) Bostan
(d) Bombay

14. Why does Rosa Diamond rush for her hat, cloak, and stick?
(a) She fears she needs to get out of her house.
(b) She is about to do a witch's brew.
(c) She is hurrying to go see who fell from the sky.
(d) She is going grocery shopping.

15. What is Hamza's objection to accepting Lat, Uzza, and Manat as equal with Allah?
(a) They have funny names.
(b) They are all females.
(c) They are only statues.
(d) They require human sacrifice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Gibreel begin speaking after pinning Mahound down?

2. What is Saladin Chamcha's reaction to waking up on the beach?

3. Seeing the image, what does Gibreel want to know from Saladin?

4. How does Mahound see the Archangel Gibreel in the cave?

5. What does Gibreel say when he wakes up?

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