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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Saladin holding up when he appears in Rosa's hallway?
(a) His pajamas with the missing button
(b) A golf club
(c) His driver's license
(d) His bowler hat

2. What claim does Aeysha make upon her return to Titlipur?
(a) That the Angel Gibreel had lain down beside her
(b) That she had received a message from God
(c) That she has the power to work miracles
(d) That she is now the new prophet

3. What activity is occupying Pamela's time?
(a) Learning to climb mountains.
(b) Holding seances to speak with the dea.
(c) Writing a novel about her experience with Chamcha.
(d) Investigating allegations of witchcraft among the police.

4. Why do the people reject Mirza Saeed's offer to build liters for them to ride in to Mecca?
(a) Because the Archangel said they were to walk
(b) Because Aeysha forbids it
(c) Because they cannot accept anything from an unbeliever
(d) Because there is not enough time to build them

5. After the girls of The Curtain are jailed, what makes the men afraid?
(a) They had violated the laws of segregation of the sexes.
(b) They all knew the names of the girls.
(c) They do not know what may come into Mahound's mind.
(d) They had sworn an oath that they never went to The Curtain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tries to rationalize away the reason they come down slowly?

2. What does Gibreel call Chamcha?

3. What becomes an obsession with Mahound at Tathrib oasis?

4. How does Mahound see the Archangel Gibreel in the cave?

5. What follows the repudiation of the goddesses?

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