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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Mahound's followers worried after he goes to see the Grandee?
(a) He may be planning to kill the Grandee.
(b) He may fall into the clutches of Hind.
(c) He is gone a long time and has not returned.
(d) He is likely to compromise with the Grandee.

2. What does Inspector Lime refuse to admit he saw when he looked up at Gibreel?
(a) A halo
(b) Three sets of arms
(c) Golden eyes
(d) An elephant head

3. What is Mirza's doubt about sending Mishal back to the purdah?
(a) That his mother-in-law would not approve of his modesty
(b) That Mishal might get bored and leave
(c) That he might be planning to seduce the girl Aeysha
(d) That Misahl would take up with another man and kill him

4. What occurs in Gibreel's dream as Mahound returns to the mountain?
(a) Mahound tries to kill him.
(b) He and Mahound are wrestling naked.
(c) He talks to God who tells him what to say.
(d) He changes Mahound into a donkey.

5. Why does Mishal spend so much time with Aeysha?
(a) She suspects her husband is lusting after Aeysha.
(b) She hopes Aeysha's Archangel husband will grant her a baby.
(c) She has fallen in love with Aeysha.
(d) She wants to learn how to call the butterflies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Rekha forgotten now that she is dead?

2. Who is the antagonist of the Imam, Mahmood?

3. What is Saladin Chamcha's reaction to waking up on the beach?

4. Where is Gibreel planning to go in London?

5. What is Aeysha's affliction?

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