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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Inspector Lime refuse to admit he saw when he looked up at Gibreel?
(a) An elephant head
(b) Golden eyes
(c) Three sets of arms
(d) A halo

2. Upon her return, what does Aeysha say the people of Titlipur must do?
(a) Learn to call the butterflies.
(b) Go on a pilgrimage to Mecca to kiss the Ka'aba.
(c) Memorize the entire Quran
(d) Give up eating meat.

3. What does Hamza do that causes Hind to set her mind on revenge?
(a) He kills two of her brothers.
(b) He rapes her.
(c) He sets fire to the temple of Uzza.
(d) He destroys a statue to Lat.

4. What is odd about the song Gibreel begins to sing?
(a) It is a language and a tune he does not know.
(b) It is a song about India as a lost continent.
(c) It echoes back into his mouth.
(d) It is a child's nursery rhyme.

5. What happens when he finally calls Pamela to let her know he's alive?
(a) The phone has been disconnected.
(b) She faints.
(c) Pamela hangs up on him.
(d) A man answers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bilal, an American convert, do for the Imam?

2. What does Abu Simbel want from Mahound?

3. When the Imam summons Gibreel, the Archangel, where does he demand to be taken?

4. What does Gibreel call Chamcha?

5. Why does Hamza insist that Mahound return to the mountain?

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