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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mahound go after he leaves Hind's chambers?
(a) To find his uncle.
(b) To get a drink from the well of Zamzam.
(c) To his seventy year old wife.
(d) Back up Mount Cone.

2. What is Rosa's response when Gibreel asks if she noticed Chamcha's horns?
(a) she says she did not.
(b) She looks surprised and nods her head.
(c) Nothing, she goes deaf.
(d) She says that horns are the fashion now.

3. Who willed the rescue and who made it happen?
(a) God willed it and an angel made it happen.
(b) Farishta willed it and also made it happen.
(c) Chamcha willed it and Farishta made it happen.
(d) Farishta willed ti and Chamcha made it happen.

4. What is Gibreel doing as he falls through the air?
(a) Singing
(b) Trying to fly
(c) Screaming
(d) Laughing

5. Who finally recognizes Baal at The Curtain?
(a) Abu Simbel
(b) Khalid
(c) Salman
(d) Mahound

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mishal spend so much time with Aeysha?

2. What does Mahound now believe about the verses accepting the goddesses?

3. How does Hind taunt Mahound?

4. What difficulty does Gibreel have in getting out of Rosa's house?

5. Why are Mahound's followers worried after he goes to see the Grandee?

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