The Satanic Verses Character Descriptions

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Mirza Saeed Akhtar - A zamindar, or land owner, he is the descendant of an ancient family who desperately attempts to convince his beloved wife to turn back from her pilgrimage with Ayesha.

Mishal Qureishi Akhtar - Mirza Saeed's wife, she is terminally ill with cancer and convinced that Ayesha is a holy prophet.

Ayesha - The name of four characters--an empress, a would-be prophet , Mahound's young and beautiful wife, and the prostitute who takes the name in order to attract customers.

Baal - The greatest satirist of Jahilia, he hides in a brothel and marries twelve prostitutes who pose as Mahound's wives; he is discovered and executed.

Billy Battuta - A "Playboy Pakistani" and a "con man" who exploits women, he invests in re-launching Gibreel's career and gets into trouble with the police in the United States and Britain.

Bilal - An "enormous black" slave...

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