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Chapter 1

• Flight A1-420 explodes in midair and two men, Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha, are falling to earth. Gibreel's songs give him power to fly and land the two of them safely.

• The narrator raises the central questions: Which is the miracle worker? Is Farishta's song satanic or angelic? Who am I? (The narrator)

• Gibreel Farishta (angel) has already decided to leave his life in India behind and is seeking rebirth, an interest aroused by Babasaheb, an amateur psychic.

• Upon reading Gibreel's farewell note, his former mistress, Rekha Merchant, murders her children and commits suicide by jumping off the roof of Everest Vilas.

• Before leaving all behind, Gibreel eats forbidden food (bacon) witnessed by his new love interest, Alleluia Cone.

• Gibreel tells Rekha that he does not want forgiveness; he feels that Allah has forsaken him; he leaves Rekha forever as he also leaves India.

• Saladin Chamcha...

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