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Edward Rutherfurd
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Short Answer Questions

1. In the 1580s, the English fear an invasion by what nation?

2. What Catholic becomes the English monarch?

3. Whom does Edward Shockley marry?

4. To what group is Obidiah committed?

5. What must Jane do before her initial application is accepted?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Journey From Sarum," what major changes have occurred for John and Robert Wilson?

2. Ultimately, what effect do Jane's efforts have on Jethro Wilson and his children?

3. What other community services does Jane contribute to while she is earning her nursing credentials?

4. How do many English people feel about the American soldiers?

5. What enables Jane, unlike many women of the time, to avoid marriage and work toward her goals?

6. What is the most noticeable event happening in "The Encampment"?

7. What major religious event has occurred throughout England?

8. How does Obidiah betray his sister?

9. Even though she is neutral in the matter of king versus Parliament, how does Margaret come to lead a defense force?

10. Despite participating in wars in other parts of the world, why is the time period covered in the chapter "The Calm" considered a time of peace for most English people?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Of the few women that demonstrated an unusual amount of will and assertiveness, choose one and construct an argument stating that this specific character demonstrated the most bravery in the face of both public and private pressures.

Essay Topic 2

List and describe the main religious conflicts mentioned over the course of the novel. Include the approximate years in which the conflicts occurred, the opposing sides, and the outcome of the conflict.

Essay Topic 3

Covering thousands of years, the novel mentions many specific historical events. Does the huge scope of the novel in terms of centuries and millennia make the human enacted events such as wars seem more or less significant?

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