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Edward Rutherfurd
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Short Answer Questions

1. How many people live in the area which Krona rules?

2. In what year does Thomas de Godefroi go to war?

3. What does Nicholas do to escape suffering from the plague?

4. Martin Shockley becomes a follower of whom?

5. In what year are rising wages regulated?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Adam and Patricia meet? What is their initial fascination with each other? What ultimately happens in the relationship?

2. What connection do rats and fleas have to the Black Death?

3. Why does Petrus's father have Petrus imprisoned?

4. Why do the people of Sarum hold Tosutigus in low regard?

5. Despite success in their business deal, what sort of scandal erupts from Edward bringing Fleming to England?

6. How did the political troubles between the king and the knights begin?

7. Why must the King of France settle a dispute in England?

8. Why does Port announce that he will give a gold cross to the nunnery?

9. What sort of economic arrangement do the farmers and hunters make concerning pelts?

10. How did the practice of farming come to England?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

One of the themes of the novel Sarum might be thought of as "life goes on." Is this always the case in human history, or is there the possibility of annihilation of a people or culture? Examine the threats faced by the people of Sarum and present an argument explaining how one of those threats was the most dangerous the people faced. Which one had the greatest potential to destroy the people of Sarum or their way of life?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the setting of the novel Sarum both in terms of geography and moment in history. How crucial is the setting to the story? Could the story presented by the novel have taken place at any other location or time?

Essay Topic 3

The novel Sarum covers thousands of years, and the living conditions of the characters change dramatically over time, but some things remain the same. Discuss those things that remain the same and will continue to remain the same so long as human nature remains unchanged.

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