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Edward Rutherfurd
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Nooma marry?
(a) Katesh.
(b) Krona.
(c) Tark.
(d) Dluc.

2. What sort of business has made Edward Shockley prosperous?
(a) Iron.
(b) Salt.
(c) Jewels.
(d) Cloth.

3. When did the Normans conquer England?
(a) 1720.
(b) 1215.
(c) 1915.
(d) 1066.

4. From where does William atte Brigge sell his goods?
(a) From the back of Shockley's store.
(b) From a cart.
(c) From the gate at Stonehenge.
(d) From his boat.

5. Whom does Alicia marry?
(a) John Godfroi.
(b) Peter Shockley.
(c) Forest Wilson.
(d) Adam Mason.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hwll and his family reach the estuary of what river?

2. Where does Nicholas go after leaving the sheep house?

3. How many generations have passed since Krona the Warrior and the current Krona?

4. The king raises taxes on whom?

5. What industry allows Sarum to prosper after the plague passes?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ralph lose his position at the school?

2. Why does a visit from Canon Nicodemus result in Ralph staying at the doctor's house?

3. What connection do rats and fleas have to the Black Death?

4. How do many English people feel about the American soldiers?

5. What sort of religious compromise do the farmers and hunters reach?

6. How did the practice of farming come to England?

7. What sort of religious duplicity does Edward Shockley enact?

8. What enables Jane, unlike many women of the time, to avoid marriage and work toward her goals?

9. After the plague, why do wages rise so high?

10. Why does Dluc tell Krona that they must sacrifice Krona's firstborn?

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