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Edward Rutherfurd
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What industry allows Sarum to prosper after the plague passes?
(a) Iron works.
(b) Cloth manufacturing.
(c) Banking.
(d) Fishing.

2. Petrus travels to the estate of whose family?
(a) Naomi's.
(b) Flavia's.
(c) Akun's.
(d) Tep's.

3. Martin Shockley becomes a follower of whom?
(a) King Carlos.
(b) Martin Luther.
(c) John Wilson.
(d) Wycliffe.

4. How does Tep die?
(a) Childbirth.
(b) Drowning.
(c) Ceremonial suicide.
(d) Hunting accident.

5. The king raises taxes on whom?
(a) The Jews.
(b) The Icene.
(c) The Welsh.
(d) The Saxons.

6. Who is chosen to build the new Stonehenge?
(a) Hwll.
(b) Nooma.
(c) Akun.
(d) Tep.

7. Who arrives to fight Petrus and the German mercenaries?
(a) The Saxons.
(b) The Vandals.
(c) The Spaniards.
(d) The Greeks.

8. Where is the new cathedral being built?
(a) Christchurch.
(b) Bristol.
(c) London.
(d) New Salisbury.

9. In what year does "The Foundling" open?
(a) 1215.
(b) 1720.
(c) 1244.
(d) 1640.

10. When is the Shockleys' mill completed?
(a) 1640.
(b) 1215.
(c) 1264.
(d) 1715.

11. Whom does Alicia marry?
(a) Adam Mason.
(b) John Godfroi.
(c) Forest Wilson.
(d) Peter Shockley.

12. Who is the ruling chief?
(a) Tep.
(b) Hwll.
(c) Dluc.
(d) Krona.

13. The Wilsons allow whom to work the land?
(a) Soldiers.
(b) Stephen Shockley.
(c) Traveling monks.
(d) Gypsies.

14. Who is the current king?
(a) Stephen.
(b) Henry.
(c) Krona.
(d) Dluc.

15. The summer of 1139 began a time of political trouble known as ____________.
(a) The Black Death.
(b) The Reformation.
(c) The Anarchy.
(d) The War of the Roses.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many children do Hwll and Ulla produce?

2. Who is Hwll's companion?

3. To whom does Godefroi rent his sheep house?

4. What is the name of the Judean slave with whom Porteus has an affair?

5. What sort of business has made Edward Shockley prosperous?

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