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Edward Rutherfurd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Empire.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Instead of armed resistance, what does Tosutigus's plan involve?
(a) Surrender.
(b) Destroying Sarum before the Romans take over.
(c) Praying for an earthquake.
(d) Paying German mercenaries.

2. What nickname does the new monarch earn?
(a) The hanging judge.
(b) Bloody Bismarck.
(c) Deadly Luther.
(d) Bloody Mary.

3. In what year does "The Unrest" open?
(a) 1642.
(b) 1720.
(c) 1915.
(d) 1215.

4. Godfrey takes vows to become what?
(a) A sufi.
(b) A nun.
(c) A hermit.
(d) A medical doctor.

5. At what point in time does "The Henge" open?
(a) 1944.
(b) 50 B.C.
(c) 1915.
(d) 2000 B.C.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arbitrates the dispute between Parliament and King Henry?

2. What is the name of the Judean slave with whom Porteus has an affair?

3. Why does Claudius hate the Druids?

4. In what year does Adam return to Sarum?

5. Who is appointed governor of Britannia?

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