Daily Lessons for Teaching Sarum: The Novel of England

Edward Rutherfurd
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Lesson 1 (from Journey to Sarum, The Barrow)


This chapter offers a glimpse of some of the earliest inhabitants of the island of Britain. The objective of this lesson is to examine the portrayal of early Britons.


1) Class Discussion: Is day-to-day survival the chief preoccupation of Hwll and Akun? Why do they leave their area? What seems to be lacking in their area?

2) Group Discussion: On their journey south, Hwll's family meets Tep, and Tep leads them to an area where other hunters live. Hwll and his family join the other hunters. How is this situation different than today in terms of one family accepting another? What about the circumstances of Hwll's time makes it advantageous for large numbers of humans to live communally and share resources? Is this simply a matter of "safety in numbers"? How is this different than our present circumstance of living in towns and cities?

3) Group Writing Preparation...

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