Sarum: The Novel of England Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Edward Rutherfurd
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Journey to Sarum, The Barrow

• The novel opens in 7500 B.C.

• Hwll, Akun, and their children travel south and meet Tep.

• Tep leads Hwll and his family to Sarum.

• They live there peacefully for three years until Tep rapes Akun and leaves the camp.

• Tep is killed in a hunting accident and Ulla, his companion, takes her children and goes to live at Hwll's camp.

• Hwll and Ulla have four children together.

• The chapter "The Barrow" begins 3500 years later.

• Krona the Warrior leads a group of farmers, and they settle near a group of hunters led by Taku.

• The hunters and farmers argue over religion but reach a compromise.

• After Krona dies, his successor orders a tomb built.

The Henge

• The chapter opens in 2000 B.C.

• Dluc is the high priest.

• Krona is the ruling chief.

• Dluc believes that the area will be destroyed if the gods are...

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