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Tatiana de Rosnay
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mara Rainsferd?
(a) Mr. Rainsferd's second wife.
(b) Mr. Rainsferd's niece.
(c) Mr. Rainsferd's daughter-in-law.
(d) Mr. Rainsferd's daughter.

2. Who does Julia call to see if she can arrange to find Sarah?
(a) Gaspard.
(b) Bertrand.
(c) Alain.
(d) Charla.

3. How does the narrator characterize the trip to Paris?
(a) The trip was uneventful.
(b) Sarah was sent back to the DuFaures, but they tried another route and got through.
(c) Sarah was recognized, but escaped in a chase.
(d) There were some close calls along the way.

4. Where does Julia go to meet the person Mara Rainsferd gave her contact info for?
(a) Brussels.
(b) St. Petersburg.
(c) Marseilles.
(d) Tuscany.

5. Where is Sarah?
(a) Sarah divorced Mr. Rainsferd and lives in L.A.
(b) Sarah separated from her husband and moved back to France.
(c) Sarah is traveling to the Middle East.
(d) Sarah died in 1972 in a car wreck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Julia looking forward to doing?

2. What does Julia tell Bertrand about the baby?

3. What does Julia consent to?

4. How do the DuFaures respond to what Sarah tells them?

5. What do the DuFaures insist to the police?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator characterize the interactions between Julia and Bamber during their trip to Vel d'Hiv'.

2. Where doe Julia travel to in the U.S. in her search for Sarah?

3. What does Eduard send to Julia, and what does she learn from it?

4. What does Julia decide to do about her pregnancy and her marriage?

5. What is Julia's state of mind as she plans to travel to Tuscany?

6. Describe Sarah's return to her apartment.

7. What does Julia learn from Sarah's wedding announcement?

8. What is the tone of the book, up to the point of Julia finding out about Sarah from Eduard?

9. What decision does Julia change her mind about?

10. What does Julia learn about Sarah during her trip to Orléans.

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