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Tatiana de Rosnay
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Franck Lévy tell Julia Jaramond about Sarah?
(a) That he has her address.
(b) That there is no information about her.
(c) That she died.
(d) That he heard from her recently.

2. When did Gaspard DuFaure find out that Sarah was a Jewish refugee?
(a) Years ago.
(b) Forty years later.
(c) As soon as he heard about her.
(d) As a child.

3. What is Julia dismayed by during this next stop?
(a) That the memorial is so small.
(b) That so few people seem to know what happened here.
(c) That there are now tourists paying money to be photographed in the ovens.
(d) That this is where the deportations took place.

4. When did Sarah leave France?
(a) 1957.
(b) 1947.
(c) 1968.
(d) 1952.

5. How do the DuFaures respond to what Sarah tells them?
(a) They offer to take her themselves.
(b) They say that it wasn't their crime, and they were powerless to prevent it.
(c) They say that the times are bad.
(d) They say that they did the best they could.

6. What is Charla's relation to Bertrand?
(a) Mother.
(b) Sister.
(c) Co-worker.
(d) Friend.

7. What hits home for Julia Jaramond when she sees a photo of Sarah?
(a) Sarah is Zoe's age.
(b) She recognized Sarah.
(c) Sarah looks like Zoe.
(d) Sarah looks like her.

8. Where does Charla locate Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rainsferd?
(a) Trenton.
(b) Poughkeepsie.
(c) Philadelphia.
(d) Roxbury.

9. What does Julia tell Bertrand about the baby?
(a) A baby was a surprise, but it can be just the thing they need.
(b) A baby is a blessing, and they should consider themselves lucky.
(c) If he can't have a baby with her, the marriage is over.
(d) The baby will bring them closer together.

10. How does this trip make Julia feel?
(a) Indignant at all the people who stayed silent and let this happen.
(b) Deeply sad but energized to find the truth.
(c) Alive to injustice.
(d) Run down and exhausted.

11. Where does Julia go to meet the person Mara Rainsferd gave her contact info for?
(a) St. Petersburg.
(b) Tuscany.
(c) Marseilles.
(d) Brussels.

12. What do Julia and Guillaume find at their destination?
(a) A memorial for deported Jews.
(b) A national park at the camp.
(c) Ruins of the former camp.
(d) The camp is now low-income housing.

13. What does this information about Sarah inspire in Julia?
(a) A desire to get away from France.
(b) A desire to go to sleep.
(c) A desire to find Sarah.
(d) A desire to perform violent acts.

14. What does Franck Lévy tell Julia Jaramond about the family at 26 rue de Saintonge in July 1942?
(a) That his memory is bad.
(b) That he is still haunted by the people's cries.
(c) That his information is not for publication.
(d) That he does not know who was there.

15. How does Gaspard DuFaure characterize Sarah?
(a) As preternaturally insightful.
(b) As happy.
(c) As unhappy.
(d) As depressed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gaspard DuFaure ask Julia?

2. Where is Sarah?

3. Who shows up at the nursing home when Julia was scheduled to visit?

4. What does Bamber notice about Julia?

5. What does Bertrand propose to Julia?

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