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Tatiana de Rosnay
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bertrand propose to Julia?
(a) Moving out.
(b) Therapy.
(c) Hospitalization.
(d) An abortion.

2. What does Sirka/Sarah tell the DuFaures after Rachel was taken?
(a) That she is going to Paris.
(b) That they are bad people.
(c) That they did the best they could.
(d) That she will avenge Rachel's arrest.

3. What does the letter talk about?
(a) Sarah's art.
(b) Sarah's heartache.
(c) Sarah's parents.
(d) Sarah's charity work.

4. What does Julia consent to?
(a) Give up looking for Sarah.
(b) Not to publish her information about Sarah.
(c) Have an abortion.
(d) Meet with Sarah.

5. What message did Bertrand get when he returned home?
(a) Julia called to say that she was leaving for New York.
(b) Zoe called to say that her mother had left for a trip.
(c) The doctor called to say that Julia had decided against the abortion.
(d) Sarah called to see who was looking for her.

6. What does Bertrand tell Julia about having a child?
(a) He can't handle it.
(b) He says that he's been having an affair.
(c) He wants one enormously.
(d) He doesn't think they have the time or money for one.

7. What does Sarah find when she gets back to her apartment?
(a) Her brother's body.
(b) The building is gone.
(c) The cubby is empty.
(d) People in the apartment won't let her in.

8. What does Bamber offer Julia?
(a) A shoulder to cry on.
(b) Tissues.
(c) Time to talk.
(d) Aspirin.

9. What was Rachel too weak for?
(a) To speak.
(b) To open her eyes.
(c) To eat.
(d) To be carried downstairs.

10. What does Julia tell Bertrand about the baby?
(a) A baby is a blessing, and they should consider themselves lucky.
(b) A baby was a surprise, but it can be just the thing they need.
(c) The baby will bring them closer together.
(d) If he can't have a baby with her, the marriage is over.

11. Who calls Julia to say that Mr. DuFaure would like to meet with her?
(a) Nathalie DuFaure.
(b) Eduard.
(c) Bamber.
(d) Bertrand.

12. What does Julia ask Franck Lévy about Sarah?
(a) Where she is now.
(b) When she died.
(c) Whether she could have survived.
(d) What he has heard from her.

13. Who does Julia meet at the Rainsferd house?
(a) The Rainsferd's nanny.
(b) Mr. Rainsferd.
(c) The Rainsferd's daughter.
(d) Mrs. Rainsferd.

14. Who is Richard Rainsferd?
(a) Sarah's pastor.
(b) Sarah's son.
(c) Sarah's husband.
(d) Sarah's landlord.

15. Where does Sirka hide when the police come?
(a) In a cabinet.
(b) In a chest of drawers.
(c) In a trunk.
(d) In a potato sack.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Sarah when the DuFaures lost track of her?

2. Who are the Starzynskis?

3. What do the DuFaures try to do when the police come?

4. What does Julia attend at rue Nélaton?

5. Who does Mara Rainsferd give Julia contact info for?

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