Sarah's Key Short Essay - Answer Key

Tatiana de Rosnay
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1. When and where does "Sarah's Key" take place?

"Sarah's Key" is set in Paris during two time periods, 1942 and 2002, with an epilogue of sorts that takes place in New York in 2005

2. What is the opening scene of "Sarah's Key".

"Sarah's Key" begins with French policemen coming to take away a girl's family as part of a roundup of Jews in Paris. The policemen knock on the door, and tell the girl and her mother to pack their things.

3. How does it happen that two members of the family do not go with the police?

The father was hiding in the basement of the building, and he only goes with the police after he hears his wife and daughter being taken, and he comes out to beg the police not to take them. The younger brother does not go because the girl locks him in a cubby hole with some toys and water.

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