Sarah's Key Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tatiana de Rosnay
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Pages 1-58

• In 1942, in Paris, a girl and her parents were arrested and taken from their home.
• Before they left, the ten-year-old girl hid her four year-old brother in a closet and locked the door.
• The family was taken away, and sent to holding camps before being sent to death camps.
• Jumping ahead to 2002, Julia Jaramond and her husband are trying to figure out how his family will deal with the apartment his mother has lived in.
• Julia works as a writer for an ex-pat magazine about Paris, and assigned the 50th anniversary of the roundup of the Jews at the V√©lodrome d' Hiver.
• Discussion of the roundup exposes fault lines of hostility between Julia and her husband Bertrand.

Pages 59-122

• As the girl and her family are moved from one camp to another and stripped of their things, the girl decided to escape.
• The girl and...

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